The Lady Politic: Mom-in-Chief

Posted at 7:00 AM May 06, 2010

By Naomi Zeveloff


This Sunday is Mother's Day. Which means it's time to talk about the best mother in politics: Hillary Clinton. Gotcha! We all know that Chelsea had to chip her way out of Clinton's womb with an ice pick. The real best mother is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who is such a good mother that she wrote a book to America's daughters entitled "Know Your Power."

Well, it takes one's power to know one's power, Madame Speaker. Not only did Pelosi pass sweeping health care reform, but she also birthed five children in her day. And, to hear her tell it, there's no better boot camp for political life than motherhood.

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The Lady Politic: If you can't stand the heat...

Posted at 7:00 AM Apr 29, 2010

By Naomi Zeveloff

Meet Tom Ganley, Republican candidate for United States House of Representatives. A native Ohioan, Tom met his wife when they were 10 years old. Soon after, he opened a car dealership called the Eastway Rambler. Things were going well for Tom and his young family, until one day, a man came into his office and asked him if he'd like to purchase an Oldsmobile dealership. Tom pursued the deal. But then the man came back to him with a bill for a $500,000 finder's fee. Turns out, the man was part of a major crime ring. Tom contacted the FBI, which set up recording devices all over his office. Over the next 2 years, he dutifully recorded several instances of illegal extortion, enduring threats to his wife and children, until there was enough evidence to land the suckers in prison.

That's all to say that Tom has been through a lot. But of all the scary things that Tom has withstood, nothing comes close to what Tom is doing right now: challenging a female incumbent for a Congressional seat. That's right, Tom is up against Democrat Betty Sutton, a longtime Ohio politician and lawyer with 3 years in Congress under her belt. And, word has it, he's shaking in his shoes.

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The Lady Politic: Obama melts Clinton's ice cube heart

Posted at 3:30 PM Apr 22, 2010

By Naomi Zeveloff


[Ed. note: Dolls, please welcome Naomi Zeveloff to Heartless Doll! Her blog, The Lady Finger, should be bookmarked promptly. She also contributes a column to EcoSalon and can generally be understood as awesome.]

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The level of media scrutiny surrounding Clinton's relationship with the current president rivals press speculation of yore about her marriage to a certain unchaste Commander in Chief. And who wouldn't wonder about Lady Clinton's association with the most powerful man on earth, considering that she's the ball buster who nearly toppled his presidential run?

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