Last ladyblogging link love!

Posted at 12:45 PM May 07, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Jeez. Even linking to my favorite ladyblogs is sad today. I'm linking to a story from each of my favorite sites that I visit absolutely every day to get the best in ladynews.

  • Beyonce, Sade and the meaning of race and "retro" [Feministing]
  • What happens when you accuse someone of rape ... on Facebook? [Sexist]
  • Amanda Marcotte supports a genital "nick" for girls. [Pandagon]
  • How do you define a slut? [Feministe]
  • The "new" Miley is no Britney. Is that a good thing? [Broadsheet]
  • On Mother's Day, why reproductive rights are especially important. [RH Reality Check]
  • Do men make better gynos? [Jezebel]
  • I never tire of this lady pride-tastic call for ladies to toot their own horns. [Shapely Fucking Prose]
  • A brilliant PR flak smackdown in the name of fat acceptance. [The F-Word]
  • Sexism in the modern literary world, case in point. [Tiger Beatdown]
  • When does an issue become feminist? [Racialicious]
  • It pays to lie in your online dating profile. [Sociological Images]

Ladyblogging link love

Posted at 12:00 PM Apr 30, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

These legs are stanky.
Oh MY, but it is hot here in Texas today, and muggy besides. Best to stay in wherever you are, however, and read some sweet ladyblogging from our friends and neighbors here at HD. Here's what's good on the blogs this week:

  • Hipsters aren't so bad, are they? [Feministing]
  • What doing the "stanky leg" actually means. [The Sexist]
  • Glee takes on disordered eating, for better or for worse. [Pandagon]
  • Why and how Rivers Cuomo ruined your love life. [The Awl]
  • Interesting stats on race, education and breastfeeding. [SociologicalImages]
  • An open letter to the makers of the Hollywood beauty myth. [AfterEllen]
  • Why being thin won't necessarily make you happy. [The F-Word]
  • Man, that guy from White Collar is good lookin'. [TheBerry]
  • A photographic history of bridal beauty. [BellaSugar]

Ladyblogging Link Love

Posted at 8:15 AM Apr 23, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

The ladyblogosphere is a vast, densely populated place of ladyness and ladythings. It can be intimidating. It can be overwhelming. Which is why every week, we bring you our favorite links from our favorite blogs for your giner-enjoyment.

  • Is Glee one big joke on the blogosphere? [Feministing]
  • Why do college rapists stay anonymous in campus crime reports? [Sexist]
  • Republican Party of Ohio officially wants women "back in the kitchen." [Echidne]
  • Cultural appropriation bingo. [Bitch]
  • In defense of Hit Girl [Shapely Prose]
  • Vintage beauty product prices may surprise you. [BellaSugar]
  • Quit freaking out over videos of crying kids. [GeekGirlDiva]
  • Hipster celebs at Coachella get all hip and whatnot. [TheBerry]
  • Five things to know about long-distance love. [CollegeCandy]

Ladyblogging Link Love

Posted at 9:00 AM Apr 16, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

There are things on the internet written by and for ladies, and we like to read them, and you should too, so here they are.

  • Can feminists still shave their legs? [Broadsheet]
  • Liz Lemon/Bridget Jones and dying alone. [Lemondrop]
  • The continuing mostly-myth of the vaginal orgasm. [Sexist]
  • Is Date Night a feminist rom-com? [Feministing]
  • SRS Facebook friendjacking, extreme tragedy edition. [STFUParents]
  • Are trigger warnings necessary? [Feministe]
  • "I love my muff" spray for women who don't love the way they smell down there. [Bitch]
  • Many photos of RDjr. Nom. [TheBerry]
  • How to sell diets to men and women, respectively. [SocImages]
  • When is snooping OK? [CollegeCandy]
  • A jacket that updates your Facebook page. [GeekSugar]
  • Nude yoga: apparently popular with the guys. [F-Word]

Ladyblogging Link Love, 4/9/2010

Posted at 8:00 AM Apr 09, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Good morning, Dolls! Another week of ladyblogging comes to a close. But, because you are busy Dolls, there may be some things you've missed. Here, I intend to set that right, by linking you to my favorite ladyblogging of the week. Look and learn!

  • Wingnuts keep it classy by hosting a secret, non-gay prom. [Pandagon]
  • Retrosexuals are the new metrosexuals. [Broadsheet]
  • More on how GameCrush pays girls to flirt--not to game. [Bitch]
  • Are dance-floor-makeouts boyfriend material? [CollegeCandy]
  • There is no such thing as too much cute boys with cats. [TheBerry]
  • Finally, a major for misogynist wankers: "Male Studies" [TheSexist]
  • Excusing violence and victim-blaming in Australia. [Feministe]
  • What you really mean when you call someone a slut. [Feministing]
  • Why talking about the gays in sports is important. [TigerBeatdown]
  • Is Justin Bieber hijacking gay lady style? [AfterEllen]
  • Travel back to retro creeptown with 1960's "Girl Watchers' Guide" [SocImages]

Linky, linky lady love!

Posted at 8:00 AM Apr 02, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Friends, be cheered, for it is Friday! And not only is it the most glorious day of the work week, it is also the day in which we send out linky love to our favorite ladyblogging of the week. Snuggle up with your unsatisfying lunch hour snack and fill yourself instead with the goodness and nutrition of your Friday bowl of feminist fun.

  • Mandating chivalry is mandating sexism. [Feministing]
  • Ohforchrissakes Michael Bay is remaking Rosemary's Baby? [GeekGirlDiva]
  • Sexist ads on a feminist blog. [Sexist]
  • Writing against assbag rape apologist Alex Knepper (trigger warning). [Feministe]
  • David Brooks in the NYT suggests Sandra Bullock's lack of sandwich-making failed her marriage. [Pandagon]
  • Scott Roeder, batshit crazy murderer of abortion doctor Dr. George Tiller, will die in prison--and what it means. [Broadsheet]
  • Husbands who work long hours affect women's careers negatively [Echidne]
  • Why it's okay to be over Amanda Palmer. [TigerBeatdown]
  • We dare you to eat the food in these vintage ads. [F-Word]
  • Superheroes from Creeptown. [TheBerry, formerly SheChive]
  • On the white-washed casting of Airbender. [Racialicious]


Posted at 11:00 AM Mar 26, 2010






  • Amanda Hess of The Sexist writes about sexy health marketing and quotes yours truly on Jezebel. It's so meta! Squee!  [Jezebel]
  • PETA, ever shameless, is now using "Octomom" as advertising. [Feministing]
  • Do you reply to misdirected emails? Should you? [GeekSugar]
  • It's not everything you need to know about rape culture and the sociology of rape, but it's close. Trigger warning. [Feministe]
  • A v. SRS BZNZ analysis of 500 Days of Summer. [TigerBeatdown]
  • Frances McDormand to appear in Transformers 3. What? [AfterEllen]
  • Marcotte on Newsweek on sexism in the workplace. [Pandagon]
  • If I'm going to end up a cat lady spinster, I want to do it with Tracy Clark-Flory. [Broadsheet]
  • How health care reform will affect maternity care. [OurBodiesOurselves]
  • What's up with a feminist magazine that says feminism is outdated? [Echidne]
  • I don't know why dads on vacation is so awesome, but it is. [Lemondrop]
  • When girl-on-girl turns into girlfriends. [CollegeCandy]
  • High-fashion weaponry. The stitching! [SheChive]

Ladyblogging we loved this week

Posted at 8:50 AM Mar 12, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

If you're not in or on your way to Austin, Texas for SXSW, be consoled: those of us who are here won't be able to use our cell phones, drive across town or get brunch in a timely fashion for the next week and a half. #Firstworldproblems, amirite? Be also consoled with this, our favorite posts from our favorite ladyblogs, which will make you laugh, make you cry, and remind you that there is more important shit in the world than unlocking SXSW Foursquare badges.

  • Women in Utah who seek illegal abortions can now be charged with homicide. [Feministing]
  • They're men! They're men in tights! TIGHT tights! [SheChive]
  • An interview with the guy who filmed the adorable "husbands and husbands" kid. [Advocate]
  • Disney afraid that its princesses are alienating boys. Therefore, no more princesses. [Broadsheet]
  • No orgasms for you, old ladies! [Echidne of the Snakes]
  • Sexism in Australian politics--babies required if a lady's gonna have political power. [Feministe]
  • Is chivalry dead? Do we care? [LadyFinger]
  • Johnny Weir not "family-friendly" enough for skating tour. Because he might be gay. [Pandagon]
  • The Beer Bra ... exists. [CollegeCandy]
  • Japanese girl may become first Major League pitcher. [Lemondrop]
  • Nada Surf's surprisingly good anti-date rape song. [Sexist]

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