Posted at 2:15 PM Mar 04, 2010

By Andrea Grimes


HAAAAAAAAY GIRLS! Guess WHAT! So, like, Starbucks has totally come up with, like, a coffee drink you can TOTALLY DRINK WITHOUT GUILT BECAUSE MODELS DO! ZOMG, thank god I just got this press release from Starbucks, because--and I am not joking--I was just about to have a cup of coffee and I couldn't justify the indulgence! The sheer decadence of consuming a warm cup of bean-caffeine would surely have overtaken my delicate ladymind, and I would have spent hours crying in the corner, clutching my yarf-bag, had I not received this press release. Because I am a lady and I need a good reason to eat something delicious or tasty, lest I get SUPER-FAT.

I love it when PR people send me crap and have clearly read absolutely nothing on this blog, because anyone who thinks I'm going to shill for a diet product (seriously, you don't even have to click back a page to read this post) is ... well, probably a PR person:

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