The case of Spiderman rape-rape

Posted at 12:23 PM Sep 30, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

I always knew Peter Parker was a whiny weenie, but a rapist? I mean, he's such a good guy! (Then again, that's what they say about Roman Polanski.) Okay, I'm being intentionally misleading: because while someone posing as Peter Parker did (maybe?) rape a girl in in a recent issue of the comic The Amazing Spiderman, it wasn't THE Peter Parker. Seems Villain Chameleon posed as Peter, then seduced Peter's roommate, Michelle, under false pretenses. Nina Shen Rastogi over at DoubleX explains:

In this issue, Chameleon/Peter comes home and finds an irate Michelle--and decides to defuse the situation with a kiss. The scene ends with the two sinking to the floor, out of the frame, with a speech bubble from Michelle that reads, "GIGGLE," covered in little red hearts. When the real Peter comes home, he's confused to find Michelle wearing his T-shirt and boxers, demanding cuddle time, and generally acting like a pushy girlfriend from a cringe-worthy sitcom.
Courtesy of io9, here's a scan of the scene:


But was it rape?

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