Saints don't bother with a tear stained eye ...

Posted at 1:45 PM May 07, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

"Tear Stained Eye" by Son Volt is maybe my favorite goodbye song, ever. Take a moment with me, will you?

Ah, yes, now we are all verklempt, are we not? Well, let us cheer the eff up. Let's talk about ladies we love, in the spirit of continuing to rock our ladyness as the sun sets on Heartless Doll.

I asked our Twitter followers what they'd like to see for the final HD entry, and @alexdecampi suggested we talk about our favorite, most inspirational women. I'm going to do that, free-form, and see what pours out of me. I invite our lovely readers to do the same in the comments, and provide links, please, to their works--books, art, poems, films, etc.

The ladies who've inspired me are: Gwen Stefani, who got me through junior high school. Jewel, who is responsible for inspiring some seriously bad teen angst poetry c. 9th grade, Virginia Woolfe, whose "Room Of One's Own" changed the way I thought about writing as a woman, Yoko Ono, for being brilliant and crazy, Ariel Levy, for writing Female Chauvinist Pigs, Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards for Manifesta, Lady Fucking Gaga, Lauryn Hill, Joan Rivers, heck, just about every woman I've ever seen do stand-up, Bette Midler!, Fey and Poehler, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood and her amazing Texan mother, Ann Richards, Dolly Madison (seriously, read up on her!) and ... oh gosh, I'll add more later.

Who inspires you, Dolls?


Chris said:

I keep checking back, hoping this was a really awful joke or that you all changed your minds...
Clearly, I am having a hard time accepting this.

ebony said:

you're not the only one, chris.

bunnyzero said:

Tear Stained Eye: One of the best songs ever. Period.

Inspirational ladies: How about Kim Gordon and Patti Smith? Amy Goodman? My favorite battle-axe: Judge Judy

Denis24Belousov said:

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ChaosWept said:

Okay, seriously, I hate begging. But please come back.

London Escorts said:

I saw his son in Toronto -98 volt the case remains one of the amazing rock and roll experience I have ever had

jim said:

how many stds do you have skank?

jim said:

how many stds do you have skank?

london escorts said:

Margaret Thatcher, Victoria Wood just two that i can think of

london escort agency said:

beautiful song :) but for inspiring women I would go with Lois out of Malcolm in the Middle - love her!

SF Sex Toy said:

Love it. And yes, we all need to cheer the eff up! LOL

diecast cars said:

I invite our lovely readers to do the same in the comments. Not sure what you mean with this?



Heath Jordan said:

Saying goodbye is so difficult sometimes. At least in music we can hear that we are not the only ones to have suffered.

SF Sex Toy said:

Love it... Totally love it.

london high class escorts said:

If were talking about inspiring ladies surely Belle de Jour should be in the same breath as Margaret Thatcher and judge judy?

Platinum Label Escorts said:

Great Song If you feel like crying for the hell of it!

London Personal Trainer said:

Why does everyone love this song, it makes me feel like cutting my wrists...Life is a party, like the famous salsa song by celia cruz.

bal said:

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idees cadeaux said:

Very sad yet beautiful song, hadn't heard it in years... a true classic.

Kind regards


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