Pantylines, Monday 3 May

Posted at 7:00 AM May 03, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Bon matin, Dolls! Here's hoping your horse won on Saturday, your basketball team is winning, and you finally found a good sushi place over the weekend. The world, as it were, was also busy spinning 'round, and the ladynews keep a-coming. Here's what happened:

  • Iran gets a spot on U.N. women's rights panel. [VancouverSun] In related news, Dr. Hannibal Lecter has been appointed to a position at the FDA.
  • Florida passes law forcing women to pay for an ultrasound before an abortion. [MiamiHerald] Also marks first time in history anyone or anything has aspired to be anything like Oklahoma. So there's that.
  • Pregnant women need more vitamin D. [CNN] Technology facilitating the remote diagnosis of millions of women strangely unreported upon by CNN.
  • Do women need gender-tailored financial advice? [SeattleTimes] I DON'T KNOW I AM BUT A LADY HERE I TO TO BUY SOME SHOOEEEEEEEZZZZZZ.
  • Tiger Woods slept with 121 women. [MoneyTimes] Technology facilitating the remote calculation of sexual partners of massive celebrities also apparently not newsworthy.
  • It's "Women Build Week" at Habitat for Humanity. [Examiner] Sit down, get a glass of water and smelling salts if you, like most every news outlet reporting on this story, are in shocked disbelief.


Kristen said:

I really don't see how news outlets were 'shocked' about Women Build's. I work for a Habitat affiliate that had a Woman Build a few months ago. It's generally a good way to get Habitat into the new outlets, which helps smaller affiliates get their name out there. It also (hopefully) lets woman know they're encouraged to come out on site.
Besides the article was just explaining the event and the program. The writer didn't appear to be shocked at all.

David Allen said:

Your "Money Times" link is linking to the Vitamin D, CNN story.

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