Heartless Doll's Top 10 Top 10 Lists

Posted at 5:00 AM May 07, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Leia is a doll, but is she heartless?

Since Heartless Doll launched in July 2008, we've brought you lists concerning all things lady: news, geekery, beauty, fashion, sex, feminism, boozing ... the list could go on and on. In fact, today the list will go on, because today's list is a list of the top 10 top 10 lists, by hits, posted on Heartless Doll.

I've delved deep into the annals of our Google Analytics and am pleased to take you on a nostalgic journey through HD history.

10. Top 10 Best And Worst Things About Dating Nerds

Predictably, the Diggers were all a-digger about this nerd dating list I posted on April 22, 2009. For while dating nerds has many advantages, there are also some drawbacks--breathless sincerity and action figures in bed being two particular offenders.


9. Top 10 Most Ridiculous Undergarments Worn By Women In Video Games

An evergreen favorite, Bonnie Ruberg's video game panties list continues to trend for Heartless Doll. (Video games and panties ... yeah, go figure.) One of our first, posted July 22, 2008, this list wants answers about Lara Croft, beach volleyball and how in the world underwear passes for armor in the virtual world.


8. Top 10 Most Ridiculous Cartoon Character Makeovers

What wasn't better back in the day, I ask you? Sure, it's probably all nostalgic silliness, but this February 16, 2010 list makes some pretty good arguments for why our cartoon friends of yore should have remained untainted by the remake-gods.

7. Top 10 Social Networks And What They Say About The People Who Use Them

HD readers have always seemed to enjoy our social networking lists, and this one from Bonnie Ruberg is no exception. Published October 21, 2008, it's far more treat than trick, although if you're an avid Digg or Twitter user, you may not like what we sussed out about you. You've been warned.


6. Top 5 Life Lessons Taught To Me By A Dying Computer

December 3, 2008, was apparently "number 10" actually means "number 5" day, but Bonnie Ruberg's listing of sage computer-related advice is good in any amount.


SF Sex Toy said:

Great lists. Especially loved the "Top 10 Most Ridiculous Undergarments Worn By Women In Video Games". Tells you a lot about the guys that design these games. lol

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