Goodbye, dear Dolls and guys!

Posted at 7:00 AM May 07, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Today is the last day Heartless Doll will be bringing you lady-oriented news, commentary and critique.

I hate that I just wrote that sentence.

It's an issue of profitability. Our dear little ladyblog is part of a great big company (one that I will happily continue to work for, let it be said), and we were asked to do our fair part to fuel the fiscal machine--alas, we did not, and could not. And so today will be the last day Heartless Doll will be live on the internet. (RIP, also, Daily Fork, which dies alongside us.) Our archives will remain online, so you can continue to visit HD in your nostalgic moments, remembering those days of yore when there was much heartless dollness.

I've been with Heartless Doll from the very beginning, when we first began posting in July 2008. Our blog was launched by Village Voice Media right before I started graduate studies in anthropology, focusing on gender and humor. HD was a wonderful place to think critically (and sill-illy) about gender issues and general ladybusiness, and I have so enjoyed writing for our dedicated core of readers. I'm proud that we blended feminism and nerdiness, geekiness and pop culture-ness, all in one fantastic source. Editing HD has been the absolute high point of my writing career in terms of feeling like I was doing something meaningful and worthwhile.

There are simply not enough female voices being heard in any arena, and I am enthused that the increasing proliferation of the ladyblogosphere will continue to provide an outlet for women to talk about what they love, hate, feel, want, need, whatever. I genuinely believe that the internet can be a kind of "room of one's own" for women, wherein they can feel safe and confident in expressing their views to millions of people who might not otherwise have access to powerful patriarchy- and kyriarchy-challenging ways of thinking. Women's stories, which have been historically, institutionally and structurally oppressed and repressed, are important--nay, they are crucial--in creating a fair and equal world wherein people are valued for their humanity rather than their sex, race, color, creed, what-have-you. Peruse any of our Friday ladyblogging link posts to find great female writers who carried the torch long before HD, and who will continue to do so, I hope, long into the future.

Starting Monday, you can find my bylines at the Dallas Observer, where I'll be working as a staff writer, contributing to the paper product as well as the rag's excellent blog, Unfair Park, to which I hope to bring much continued ladybusiness. My personal blog, Girl On Top, will also feature a lot of pictures of my cats, and you can visit @andreagrimes to satisfy your overshare needs.

I've asked our contributors to let y'all know where they can be found in the future, lest you lose contact with the brilliant and talented women you've come to know over the past couple of years.

  • Nicki Escudero: I'm so sad Heartless Doll is saying good-bye. It's been one of my favorite websites not only to write for but also to read for its wit and heart. Thanks so much for all your support, and check out more hot (and not-so-hot) lady tracks featured on Up on the Sun. Also, check out my personal blog at, and follow me on Twitter at @nickialanoche.
  • Jill Pantozzi: Well guys and Dolls, unfortunately this is our swan song. Heartless Doll may be no more but fear not! We are still ladies! We will still have vaginas and do lady things! Just...not here. Where can you find me being a lady from now on? There is of course my blog, "Has Boobs, Reads Comics." It's got comics, pop culture and me being sassy when sassiness is required. (You can also find links to all my other work there.) If you're into comics or comic book movies you may want to check out my cozy new home over at MTV Splash Page as well. As always, you can follow me on Twitter @TheNerdyBird to read all about my cats, geeky girls, silly boys and, if you get me on the right day, my boobs. And if you don't like that, well then, I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite ass-kicking females, Sydney Bristow: "Write this down. E. M. E. T. I. B. Got it? Now, reverse it."
  • Naomi Zeveloff: Dear readers, thanks for keeping up with The Lady Politic. As a longtime admirer of Heartless Doll, I'm sad to see this snarky ladyblog say goodbye. You can keep up with me on Twitter, catch my feminist writing at The Lady Finger or read my weekly column on women and the environment at EcoSalon
  • Merritt Martin: It saddens me to see this awesome ladyblog end its run. But! I've still got my vagina and so have the other Dolls, so the Heartless Doll spirit remains strong even if it's not channeled into one easy-to-read online pub. Follow me on Twitter at @nerver and I'll regale you with 140-word tales of eating foods, listening to rad music and inadvertently staying up later than my cats. I'm also at the Dallas Observer with the fearless Andrea Grimes, and it is on the DO's various blogs where I report on girl drinks, as well as nostalgic foodstuffs, American Idol and pretty much any other reality show with a Dallas contestant. But for serious, readers? I hope we Dolls have been able to show that ladyculture is as funny and entertaining as it is smart and powerful. Thank you for spending your online time with us.

And with that, dear Dolls, we bid you adieu.


DateSlut said:

No!!!!! I can't believe this! This blog is my first stop every morning. I will miss it greatly. :(

nffcnnr said:


Joe said:

Not gonna lie. Got a little sad when I read this.

I've really enjoyed reading this blog the last year, as well as secretly helping out with content and appearances in any way I could.

Quinn said:

This is sad news indeed, but many thanks for all the great blog stylings over these too-short years. Good luck!

dandellion said:

noooooooooooo :(

It's been really great to have you every morning. Thanks for all the fun we had.

Jeff said:

This makes me sad. Y'all are terrific writers and thinkers. I often did my part to ship Heartless Doll links all around the Internets.

You've done great work and should be proud. Best of luck in the future.

comicshopgrl said:

Noooo. How sad. I really enjoyed this blog and will miss reading it. You girls rocked. =(

BorgQueen said:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! *shaking fists at sky*

What shall I do with my life? If I wasn't on the 2nd floor right now I would jump out of a window! =) Seriously though I have greatly enjoyed being a part of this blog and I will miss the hell out of it. Good luck with everything, ladies!

p.s., while I enjoyed everything you all post here I will miss the cat-themed posts (especially Sake's reviews) most of all. *sniffs*

NewsDog said:

Which corporate naybob do we need to burn in effigy, on the web of course, to show our displeasure.

toomin said:

I'm going to miss the little Heartless Doll RSS feed notifications in my Google Reader every morning.... :(

David Allen said:

Well, fuck!

I am depressed now.

Brittan said:

Man. I understand how this all works (especially after so many Observer board meetings), but it is really, really sad. I'm glad Merritt's tweet last night prepared me for this or it would have been a really depressing morning. Best of luck to you, Andrea. I love your writing!

Ginger said:

Are you effing serious?! This is awful. These articles are always so amazing, funny and witty. I'm seriously disappointed.

Manuel said:

FuryOfFirestorm said:

Heartless Doll may be going, but she will not be forgotten!

Tasha said:

What? AUGHHHH! No no no no no! Well, I'll try to follow all the dolls to wherever they land but... dang it. This sucks. Good luck to you all.

getnice said:

Thanks for all the good writing and thinking.

manobon said:

Damn. While I didn't agree with the perspectives of all of the writers all of the time (as with any other site/subject), I really enjoyed seeing this website try to push for equality through awareness, every weekday.

Good luck with all your current & future endeavors, HD-staff!

mizzlizz said:

Sad to see this end. You've all done a wonderful job with the topics you've covered and I will miss reading your posts. Best of luck.

Krista said:

Heartless Doll has been one of my favorite blogs for the past year. I'm going to miss you. This blog has meant so much to me. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves and feminism with the world. You were always approachable and understandable. I will miss having the wisdom and humor of these wonderful women each day.

Louise said:

Dammit. D: D: D:

Paul said:

Well, that sucks.

On the bright side, I'm glad most of your still have work elsewhere. I've enjoyed the other perspectives I've seen here, and our back and forths on various topics, even at their most vitriolic. Good luck in your future endeavors and I hope things work out well for all of you.

And finally, Andrea, rent The Incredibles. At the very least for Edna Mode. Seriously. Don't make me send you a copy c/o the Dallas Observer. I don't have the cash for it right now.

spinflux said:

This is the suck. This is a double shot of the suck with a chaser of fucking sucks.

How does Village Voice manage to kill a blog? I hate its face.

I often peruse HD's archives when something is the suck and I want to keep from bitching or bawling about it.

Off to peruse HD's archives now.

Diana said:

I am wearing the saddest of faces!

I would wish you all good luck, but I don't think you really need it. You're all awesome and I have no doubt you'll continue to be so in the future.

Orangutan said:

There were times when the articles (and commenters) here frustrated me to no end. There were times when I rolled my eyes at them. And there were times when I laughed right out loud, and plenty of times when I really learned something.

Thanks to everyone who contributed here. I may only have agreed with what I read a little more than half the time, but I almost always came away from here with something new to think about. And new ways of looking at things. And maybe some better critical thinking skills.

Best of luck to all the Dolls. :)

Spark. said:

This SUCKS. I'll miss you HD.

Lavode said:

Thanks for writing HD as long as you did!

Josh English said:

Thank you.

Thank you for the blog. Thank you for the thoughts. Thank you for helping this guy see things from a different point of view.

Since you have to say goodbye, I want to add a thank you for actually posting a goodbye, instead of just fading away or disappearing into the great 404.

Pal said:

Yeah? Well whatever. You lost me after Johnny's skate on Bad Romance. could you ever top that one? Know what i'm sayin?

Let's all be workin the HOPE, a little smarter this time.

kohaku said:

I'm sad to see you ladies leave. Almost all your issues hit home with me, all with a sort of effortless analysis. Sometimes there was a few hit n misses, but mostly the way you parlayed feminism and humor neither demeaning nor dismissing the subjective and critical elements of either was what kept me clicking back. Sorry to see you go, glad to have seen you arrive.

CTrees said:

Well crap. That was unexpected, and sad. I was following you guys from day one (since you were linked from Topless Robot), and wow... yeah that's sad to hear.

Just another fan said:

I'm really sad! I found this blog only a few months ago and have enjoyed it; I didn't visit daily, but a few times a week at least. I liked the material and loved the voices - especially your voice as Editor, Andrea - and I'm really sorry to see Heartless Doll coming to an end.

Andrea said:

And yet here you are, Pal. So it looks like we didn't lose you at all. I'm so glad. You're my favorite troll ever. Besides that one under the bridge with goats. Wait, you're not the same one, are you?

Adri said:

I may not have agreed with everything posted here and may not have liked some of what I read, but without a doubt this is a huge loss for the blogging world.
I wish all of you ladies the very best in your future endeavors.

Nikki said:


Well, it was great while it lasted. Thank you to the contributors for all the great posts you shared with us. I'm really going to miss this site. Good luck to each and every one of you with your future adventures. I think, even with this sad setback, you should be very proud of what you did here on Heartless Doll because this site was everything it was suppose to be and more.

Thank you.

ebony said:


scaryjoann said:

Wow. Now I'm sad. This site was awesome and a welcome relief. I hope you all find success and happiness wherever you're going next.

Courtney said:

Just wanted to let ya'll know, I just typed in into my browser for the umpteenth time since ya'll closed and then slowly came to the realization that it was gone. It makes me sad every single time.

Catherine said:

What? I can't believe it! This and Daily Fork are the only blogs (aside from Topless Robot) that I read. Now there's nothing :-(
Ah well, I wish you luck in the future and for good times to come. xxx

sharkguy said:

Say it ain't so...

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