This Week in Girl Geek: Kotaku Commenters Are Freaking Me Out About Gemma Arterton

Posted at 5:00 AM Apr 23, 2010

By Kiala Kazebee


I have a confession to make: I am hot in the pants area for Gemma Arterton. Okay, so maybe I'm not so much hot in the pants area as I don't necessarily swing that way--it's more of a "I want to be Gemma Arterton and maybe make a skin suit of of her" feeling.

Anyway, my point is I hated the new Clash of the Titans but I looooooved Arterton's turn as the feisty demi-goddess "IO." I also loved her as Strawberry Shortcake or whatever her Bond Girl name was in Quantum of Solace. So I was completely baffled when Kotaku ran a post Wednesday boldly asking this stupid fucking question in regards to Arterton:

"Is This Prince Of Persia Actress Sexy Enough For Her Role?"


To be fair the author of the post, Mike Fahey, is firmly on the side of WTF OMG YES BUT ALSO WTF?, so I guess I can forgive the headline baiting, but the comments thread is just so mad making and brain hurt-y and face palm-y I felt I had to highlight a few of the worst. Because I love you guys and where I come from, love means sharing painful emotional feelings in a completely inappropriate manner. Here they are in all their misguided, judgey, impossible glory.

  • "her body is fine but her face is too harsh." (So close to perfection and yet so far. TRAGEDY)
  • "You're kidding right, Gemma Arterton is hawt :O Way better looking than the other English export - Keira Knightley!" (Take that Knightley! And all other women who will never live up to whatever sort of fucked-up expectations of beauty this commenter has!)
  • "I have to say the face just doesn't do it for me, hopefully the movie will have heaps of body shots though!" (Cutting trigger! CUTTING TRIGGER)

And finally,the piece de re-douchement:

"This kinda reminds me of the argument over whether actress Kristin Kreuk was "asian-enough" to play Chun Li in "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li". But this is "Prince of Persia". What's the big fucking deal? Its was just some generic damsel in distress princess. Gemma Arterton is hella fine to play her. I think those complaining in this situation just might be homosexual. "
What? Teh Gay? I don't...what?

I should note there were quite a few comments calling out these ridiculous bottom dwellers, but the overwhelming feeling I got from that thread is the majority of the commenters were laboring under the false impression that John Hughes' Weird Science was a biographical true story. The internet never fails to disappoint me, you know?


Rosalind said:

Wow, I mean, I'm aware the Kotaku's comments can really get kind of crazy, but really? I agree that she's awesome, and that should make Prince of Persia incredible with her and Jake Gyllenhaal. Oh, and guys are always going to call each other gay, it's apparently a thing, a thing I don't get though.

Andrea said:

Ugh, this shit.

What a shining example of male privilege. Here's an internet full of dudes who I suspect are not Brad Pitt lookalikes, picking apart a woman who is, by all accounts, beautiful and talented. And yet somehow, these assbags feel entitled to tear her apart.

I am in no way advocated a reversal of this, but seriously, show me the online forum where hundreds of women come to shit on every minute aspect of a man's appearance, talent, etc. and demean him in a multitude of ways while simultaneously expecting that man (or men generally) to obey and believe everything they say. It doesn't exist.

metavitae said:

Actually, I think what they're doing is fine; and actually kinda healthy.

Way too many guys are brainwashed by one part of culture or another to be bowled-over Only by a girl's looks and to think that good looking outside == perfect human being inside.

And I also agree that no girl [or human being for that matter] deserves to be put on that metaphorical pedestal just because of how they look.

Guys of all stripes have got to stop treating women as if they have 100% of the value and the men have 0%.

There is no such thing as Scarcity. Beautiful women are not rare. They are absolutely everywhere. It's not the 15th century anymore.

"the fucked-up expectations of beauty this commenter has" is probably just a guy saying Gemma's just not his type; maybe Layla Kayleigh is.

And Andrea is making a mistake when she says the guys "are not Brad Pitt lookalikes". -A critique or observation is never contingent upon perfection in the observer/critic.

Besides, many women have been getting by on little else than their looks for a Very long time.

Any effort to evaluate them more critically, more as actual human beings, more for Everything else they've got going on BESIDES their looks; instead of acting like an easily-impressed AFC rube who has no self-esteem, value, or choice, is a Good thing.

Hell, women evaluate men on a LOT more than looks; and sometimes Only money, so you guys have your faults too.

Paul said:

Strawberry Fields. And I enjoyed her, though I wish she would've gotten a bit more screen time.

Kiala said:


"Any effort to evaluate them more critically, more as actual human beings, more for Everything else they've got going on BESIDES their looks; instead of acting like an easily-impressed AFC rube who has no self-esteem, value, or choice, is a Good thing."

Obviously. Unfortunately this was not the case in that post.

manobon said:

...the question Wasn't, "Is everyone in this movie white enough for The Prince of PERSIA movie?"

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