This Week in Girl Geek: Everyone Lost at This Year's Streamy Awards

Posted at 12:00 PM Apr 16, 2010

By Kiala Kazebee


By the time this post is cranked out by the blog presses, the Web's 2nd Annual Streamy Awards Show will have come and gone and uh...THEY DID NOT GO WELL OMG.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was busy watching Treme and The Pacific on HBO and missed out on the live streaming of the Web Series Awards Extravaganza Thing, but through the magic of Twitter, it quickly became apparent to anyone paying attention that the show was NOT GOING WELL OMG.

I watched it last year, and the show was adorable and funny and bursting with pride over the bootstrapping successes of unique and creative web content, so I guess I assumed this year would be the same, only, you know...more. HAHA! Silly me. Instead of a funny, off-the-cuff, shiny piece of new frontier-ism, rumor has it is the ceremony was offensive, not funny and chock full of technical issues (OH THE IRONY).

You guys can read more about what happened specifically in this post written by The Legend of Neil and The Guild's Sandeep Parikh. I guess a somewhat lackluster apology was made by the producers of the show on the Streamy's blog, one that, according to Parikh, was not enough to repair the damage done to the reputations of those who work in the Web Series Industry. Sandeep says:

"Lastly, someone needs to take some responsibility for this debacle and that person has to go....Who was the person that didn't communicate with the sponsors about the content of the show thus leading to [Streamy sponsor] Trident walking out half way through? That person needs to be fired. Who was the person that couldn't figure out how to stop the host's microphone being transmitted through the oft-broken stream when he was off stage? That person needs to be fired. Who thought to not have security such that a streaker can run across the stage TWICE and allow Chris Hardwick to be sexually assaulted? Fired. Someone's got to step up and take responsibility. All of these gaffes did not happen in a vacuum."


Sorry. I lost time for a minute there.

In response to the overwhelming meh and feh of the #streamyfail, Guild producer Kim Evey and TubeFilter web editor Jenni Powell put together a smaller, less-sponsored event to, in their words, "Celebrate the Web." The winners will be given a chance to make a little speech and hopefully, bring back the ethos of the Streamys. From Powell's blog:

This is not about airing out grievances about the Streamy Awards ceremony, it is about celebrating those who were chosen by their peers as the best representations of web video in a variety of categories.

I am not being flippant when I sincerely say...I HOPE IT GOES WELL OMG.


worldofhiglet said:

After the sheer WTF of Sunday, #celebratetheweb was an amazing event. The speeches (both live and recorded by those who couldn't physically be there) were heartfelt, funny and uplifting, the format was brilliantly simple and the live feed held up really well.

Congratulations to all the Streamy winners, and to Kim and Jenni for organising a great event in such short order.

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