The Lady Politic: Obama melts Clinton's ice cube heart

Posted at 3:30 PM Apr 22, 2010

By Naomi Zeveloff


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Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The level of media scrutiny surrounding Clinton's relationship with the current president rivals press speculation of yore about her marriage to a certain unchaste Commander in Chief. And who wouldn't wonder about Lady Clinton's association with the most powerful man on earth, considering that she's the ball buster who nearly toppled his presidential run?

Speculate no more. According to the New York Times, Clinton's legendary coldness toward Obama in the post-primary Ice Age is beginning to thaw. And here's why: Clinton told Obama that her daughter Chelsea is getting married!!! And, get this: Obama asked Clinton if Chelsea would like to have her wedding at the WHITE HOUSE!!! What better way to appeal to Clinton's soft, feminine side--hidden away as it is by scaly layers of hard professionalism--than to give up his stately home for the most important day in her daughter's life?

"It was kind of sweet that he would offer that," said New York Times reporter Helene Cooper in a Times online video about Clinton's relationship with Obama. "It may be too much to say 'warmth' at this point, but there is a little bit more of a sense of camaraderie."

According to the video, here's more evidence that Clinton and Obama are on the fast track to fellowship:

-They once sat at a picnic table together. Without their aids.
-When Obama realized that you can't negotiate with Iran, Clinton wasn't like, "I told you so."
-Obama once joked that Clinton hugged him after she was exposed to swine flu in Mexico. Funny! 'Cause Clinton's arms don't work that way.
-They both said "yes" to halting Jewish settlements in Israel.
-They party crashed the climate summit in Copenhagen together.

But wait. Let's not forget whom we're talking about, here. This is Hillary Clinton after all, a woman for whom camaraderie feels like an itchy sweater. "At times she's pressed her views forcefully behind the scenes," said the Ben Werschkul, the video's narrator. Like that one time she wanted to save two female journalists imprisoned in North Korea and the only way to do it was to send Bill over to chat and Obama was like, "No," but then later relented? Yeah, like that time.

So maybe these two "frenemies," as Cooper called them, haven't quite built up that "reservoir of trust" that presidents and their secretaries of state are known to cultivate. It's more like small lake at this point. But when the rainwater comes, you better watch out. Those two will dive right in, hand in hand. Unless, of course, Clinton freezes it up again with that icy touch.


Desentupidora said:

Obama is a veeery great guy!! Incredible!

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nice article. thanks.

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