(Sort-of) Hot Lady Track of the Week: Rihanna's "Rude Boy"

Posted at 8:00 AM Apr 28, 2010

Really? You need a rude boy, Rihanna?

By Nicki Escudero

I've been putting off writing about this track by Rihanna for awhile because it's been so dang hard to identify whether it's empowering or simply giving in to guys who are, well, plain rude.

In the song, Rihanna calls out a guy for being a "rude boy," then says she'll let him take advantage of her sexually--time to get it up, y'all! In the first verse, it's all about him taking control, as she lets the boy be "the captain" and "the rider." Sounds like a pretty weird proposition for someone who's been rude to her, but knowing Rihanna, maybe she's just trying out some reverse psychology on the boy.

Until she asks him to love her. She sings, "Take it, baby, love me, love me." It's a little disturbing--Rihanna seems like a perfectly nice person who doesn't deserve to be in abusive relationships. While she expressed her feelings about former boyfriend Chris Brown perfectly healthily in this hot lady track, it's as if she's excusing guys she dates for being mean-spirited, as long as they satisfy her sexually.

The second verse is all about Rihanna getting off on her terms: "Relax, let me do it how I wanna," she sings, before stating that if she doesn't feel it, she's not going to fake it. It's nice to hear Rihanna taking charge of her sexuality, but it's sad she's choosing to do it with a guy who probably isn't worth her time.

It's hard to tell if the guy crunking out in the video is the rude boy or not, but we get to watch a lot of shots in Rihanna shaking her thing in a short skirt and riding wild animals. There's no denying she's hot, but she needs to start believing it herself and kick those rude boys to the curb.


zandolee said:

Hey, Rihanna is Bajan, so perhaps she is using "rude" as slang for someone who is sexy and not in the context of someone who is ill-mannered.

Working Rachel said:

Yeah, I don't think she's trying to call the guy literally "rude"...rude boy is used in the U.K. kind of like "gangster" or "hood" or something. It's not necessarily derogatory. I'm no big fan of the song, but the lyrics don't necessarily indicate he's "not worth her time."

Ev said:

In the Caribbean "rude boy" refers to a kind of gangster, hood youth culture that was rampant in Jamaica due to all of the poverty there. It originally began in Jamaica but apparently spread throughout the region. It's a term often heard in many reggae songs so I don't think in this song she is actually referring to a guy who's been rude to her all night.

Ev said:

*oops, I meant rude boy refers to a guy that is apart of the gangster, hood youth culture

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