Ads gone good: Single lady "Search Stories" on YouTube

Posted at 4:30 PM Apr 14, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

You know the adorable Google "Search Stories" ads wherein you find out someone's getting married or having babies or some business and it's all heartwarming and what-have-you because you watch them type queries into the Google search bar?

Yes, you do know them. Turns out--and I'm sure I'm late coming to this--you can make "search stories" of your own via YouTube. It's actually a pretty sweet little meme if you want to get sucked into doing nothing important for hours. So instead of lovey stories about loveybusiness, I figured I'd make a couple to honor my favorite hashtag, #beingasinglelady. After the jump, a two-part singleladyhood via "search stories."


They're only a little bit inspired by real life, promise. Oh, and I made a grad school one, too, because I'm in grad school and I have that kind of free time. Speaking of that, actually, I've got several hours of paper grading to do tonight. Won't you Dolls make your own #beingasinglelady search stories and share them with us?


Jessica said:

Single ladies have all the fun. :( My google searches would be "How to stop husband from snoring without suffocation w/pillow" and "is leaving child alone for five minutes while in the bathroom considered neglect"

Meg said:

Andrea Grimes, you are awesome.

Andrea said:

Hey! Thanks! Hooray!

Date Slut said:

I love love love the grad school search story!!! Fantastic job.

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