'Sex and the City 2' trailer boogaloo

Posted at 7:30 AM Apr 15, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

We knew this already: Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are headed to Abu Dhabi, and they will be wearing ridiculous clothing, drinking champagne and talking about men. But a new Sex and the City 2 trailer was released last Thursday, cluing us in to all kinds of additional spoilers and happenings in the lives of the girls.

"What happens after you say 'I do'?" Carrie asks in the new trailer. To which I reply, "In what universe am I meant to be interested in Sex and the City answering that question for me?"

I love Sex and the City. For the record. It is probably one of my favorite television shows of all time, classist and white-privilegist issues included. But the things I love about SATC: the single gals, the friendships, the silly outfits, the many, many men--are slowly dwindling away with every post-series finale tack-on that happens.

The television series was certainly consumerist and brand-obsessed, but the breadth of the show allowed those things to take a back seat to the stories, which I always enjoyed immensely. And certainly there were unlikely fairy tales (I mean, Big rescuing Carrie in Paris, seriously?) but compared to the schlock sold to women in rom-coms and other badly written romance-stravaganzas, SATC was practically reality programming. If they had to sweep in some big lovey-dove romantic fairy tale elements to keep it within the realm of Television With A Capital T, fine. Whatever.

But the first film was a disappointment (although I'll admit, I saw it twice because to tell you the truth, once I love something, I never let it go, and that goes for everything from people, to food, to television programming) and based on the new trailer, the second film is going to be even more of one.

I think I've been aged out of the SATC demographic or something. I mean, I like watching and reading good stories about motherhood and aging and marriage and relationships and ridiculous wealth, but I don't particularly want to watch SATC programming about those things. I fell in love with these women when they were in completely different stages in their lives, and I think we've--maybe, they've--grown apart. I think we will have to simply invite each other to holiday dinner parties once a year, exchange birthday cards, and put the closeness of our old friendship to rest.

(Also: I will retract everything said here if Carrie dumps Big for Aidan in this movie, because that is the best thing I can think of. #TeamAidan.)


Susan said:


I didn't even want to see this thing til I saw this trailer. Now I am 100% in.

Rachel C. said:

seconded for the liza. i'll prolly just get drunk at home and watch the liza minelli bit on youtube on repeat for hours.

The Admiral said:

You know that saying, "Needs more cowbell"? This Needs More Liza.

Merritt said:

Liza, Liza, Liza!

Gotta be honest, I'm a little freaked about the Aidan thing. #TeamBig #TeamAidan #dependsonmymood #beingengagedmakesmenervousaboutthesethings #thisisntreallife #iprojectissues

Merritt said:

Also, I think that I cannot separate Chris Noth SATC from Chris Noth L&O: CI which accounts for my occasional #TeamBig opinion.

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