Sad Bastard of the Week: Give kitty a chance!

Posted at 10:00 AM Apr 20, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

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This week's Sad Bastard is also a whiny, whiny jerk. Because even though, as he writes into Dear Prudence, he and his girlfriend have been talking about getting a cat for ages, and he really like cats, he got a cat and now he doesn't want his cat!

Who better to ask about matters of feline import than our own Kitty Correspondent, Sake Grimes? She had a few moments to spare between licking her butt and watching the bird in the big tree out the window.

Here's Asshat McPissypants's original letter:

"I moved in with my girlfriend in September. It's been nice having a space of our own. We both really like cats and have talked about getting a cat from the beginning, and last week we finally did. Now that we have her, though, I don't want her. I feel sincerely miserable. It was the first time I haven't had pets and I enjoyed having a clean, quiet space that was our own. It's not the cat's fault at all; she's an extremely nice cat and has been fairly unobtrusive.

I feel trapped. My girlfriend knows how I feel but really wants a cat, and now that we have one, I'm afraid of making her unhappy and resentful by giving it back. I'm not sure if I'd deeply regret it or not, either. I think I'd feel horribly guilty giving this animal a home and then rejecting it. (We got it from a shelter.) I also fear judgment from friends and family who have already heard about the cat. I have mild allergies and also miss getting to sleep without being woken up. It's a small apartment, so locking her out of the bedroom does nothing. I appreciate any advice."

Any advice at all, sir? Well please, allow Sake:

There you have it, folks.


Kris said:

You are so very, very weird....

NewsDog said:

You really need to lay off the Purdy second guessing...that's Dan Savage's job.

Andrea said:

NewsDog, tell Sake. Not me. She's the one that's pissed.

Danni said:

Love the cat. She's just like "I wanna go away now." She's ten minutes late for the kitty-world-wide twenty hour nap, donchaknow.

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