Pantylines, Monday 26 April

Posted at 7:30 AM Apr 26, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

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Upper half of the part of the day that occurs before noon to you, Dolls! I hope you're in a fine mood, because I know I am--mostly due to the fact that I have a microwave-fried egg, which is maybe the best cooking trick I've ever learned. Throw that thing in there for 33 seconds, and you've got a no-stove-top answer to real breakfast. But in case you came to HD for more than cooking advice, be heartened: here are today's Pantylines--the ladynews you may have missed over the weekend.

  • Oprah wrote a NYT op-ed telling people to stop texting and driving. [NYT] This from a lady who gives out cell phones and cars on the reg.
  • It's "Boobquake." [Pandagon] If you don't know what that is, don't click the link. You're better off.
  • Wellpoint insurance systematically drops women diagnosed with breast cancer. [Broadsheet] Company apparently under the impression that pink ribbons work about as well as chemo.
  • France focuses on polygamy as extension of veiling ban. [WashingtonPost] Because France is, as we know, one of the world's leaders in culturally valuing monogamy.
  • PA Dep. of Labor approves all eight Gosselin kids to appear on Kate's new show. [TMZ] Number of Penn med students studying psychology doubles in hopes of getting a piece of that in 15 years.
  • Kristin Davis likes eating more than she likes being thin. [People] Is what she told Fitness magazine amid a headline cloud of diet tips after also revealing she mainly eats salmon and side salads. Someone file this under "mixed messages" on Wiki, will you?


comicshopgrl said:

Is boobquake a feminist no-no? Boobquake made me laugh.

Andrea said:

In this feminist's opinion, I think it's opposing one kind of potential oppression with another. The sexual objectification in Western culture is, in many ways, just as offensive/oppressive as some forms of veiling. I'm opposed to Boobquake in the way I'm opposed to "save the titties" breast cancer campaigns. Reducing women to sexual objects isn't a funny or smart way to engage in resistance. I don't think Boobquake is the kind of thing many will participate in thoughtfully, especially since most of the male response I've seen to it has been 'YAY TITTIES!' not 'WAY TO GO, WOMEN, AND SPEAK OUT WITH YOUR BELIEFS!'

Kris said:

Or the free range breast campaign. *shudder*

Kris said:

So I'm not misunderstood, for those that don't know, the "free range breasts" campaign was a thing where women at cons would wear a badge and allow guys to squeeze their breasts.

While I totally believe that the originator had good intentions (not that they made any sense at all, something about demystifying boobs), two seconds of thinking would have told him what would go wrong. Namely, that women would feel shamed if they didn't allow groping (because they were perpetuating the objectification of boobs by not allowing themselves to be groped) and that most guys would still be doing it for the sexual thrill of groping random women.

comicshopgrl said:

@Andrea - I can see where you are coming from. I told my best friend about this and he did say something along the lines of "Yay titties!" I don't think this thing is really meant to seriously change minds. It seems more like a silly web thing. At best, it gets people talking about the sexists notions of some extreme religious sects. At worst, it starts some earthquakes.

Susan said:

Oprah has a fucking driver, or money to hire one, and that sort of negates her opinion on using a phone while driving. She's speaking from a position of privilege and not owning up to that, and I think it's kind of bullshit.

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