Pantylines, Monday 19 April

Posted at 7:30 AM Apr 19, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

On Friday afternoon, we shut the doors here at HD and begin a 48-hour drinking and whoring binge, so often, we miss ladynews that happens over the weekend, which is why we sometimes have Pantylines, wherein we write quips about things that happened 2 days ago.

If you also went on a drinking and whoring binge, this is what you may also have missed.

  • Concealed weapons become ever easier to carry everywhere. [SocImages] I would advise showing your gun nut friends this when they complain about their lack of rights, but then you'd have to explain what a computer is, so ... just smile and nod and try not to turn your back to them.
  • A survey of 30,000 women put Christina Hendricks on the cover of Esquire. [ONTD] Which means Megan Fox didn't make it on the cover. Our gift to you, men of the world.
  • Mass. gubernatorial candidate compares paying taxes to getting raped. [ConcordMonitor] Exactly! Because you get awesome and necessary public services that improve your life when paying taxes, and when you get raped, you get ... oh wait. Raped.
  • Tabloids ask Chris Noth for dating advice. [People] Kind of like asking Chris Noth for crime-solving advice. Or tabloids for journalism advice.
  • "Women's Month" 3-grader curriculum accused of having "gay agenda." [Star-Ledger] New Jersey continuing to do "all it can" to make sure liberal, educated northeast U.S. stereotype remains wholly false.


kuriouscat said:

Oh Chris Noth, your such an old romantic,
declaring your methods, you turn the ghirls frantic!
An old fashioned letter, of your love declared,
I am very surprised, to find out that you cared!

What would you use, a quill and some ink,
perhaps in a cave, with a wall and a flint!
Parchment paper and some blood from a bull,
yes, I can see it, that's pretty cool!

But where would you get, bull's blood in New York,
you could kill two bird's and just use a stork!
The plume from its tail, would come in very handy,
when your writing your letters, it works fine and dandy!

Now I have to say, it once again,
that I'm not available, for your love, ye ken!
I have a fine laddie, his name is big Jim,
6 foot 2 inches, and a passionate Tim!

So stop dropping hints, and raffling dinners.
I cannot compete, with your list of winners!
The dosh that I have, is all that I've got,
I can't give it to RAN, cause its going on my yacht!


The Admiral said:

Okay, I love you ladies and all...but quite a few gun carriers are registered to carry and they are in no way illiterate, bigoted, ignorant fools. The rest are illiterate, bigoted, ignorant criminals and worthy of scorn. Give them the snark.

My uber-liberal sister has a carry permit. Does it make her stupid? No, it just means that anyone who tries to hurt/molest/rape her will wish he hadn't.

Andrea said:

Admiral - Precisely the reason why I said "gun nuts" and not "gun owners."

The Admiral said:

Andrea, I'm sorry but I just get a little defensive. My dad is a gun nut, and I just take offense when people lump all gun nuts into a category because I know they don't all fit. I know several. And yes, I'm Southern. I don't know what it is with us.

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