Lin Yu Chun makes a total eclipse in my pants

Posted at 2:20 PM Apr 22, 2010

By Andrea Grimes


Meet Lin Yu Chun, pictured at right. He has been dubbed the "Taiwanese Susan Boyle." You'll remember Susan Boyle (oh! have we but forgotten her already?) as the Britain's Got Talent phenomenon who wowed the world with her ability to sing and--wait for it!--not be conventionally attractive. Lin is chubby, and I guess that means we all have to lose our shit because he's also an extremely talented vocalist.

Last night, he performed on George Lopez's TBS show alongside William Shatner, singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart." My Dolls! My guys! Do not miss this amazing video:

Total eclipse in my pants, amirightguys?

All's I can say is that I hope there's not a forthcoming Susan Boyle-esque makeover in the works for Lin Yu Chun, because this dude is baller. "Ugly" celebrity makeovers never, ever turn out positively (see Snooki of Jersey Shore fame) and end up downplaying the everydayness that makes these performers (or whatever Snooki is) so awesome and likeable in the first place.


Joe said:

If they make him over, will he just look like Bobby Lee in every sketch he's ever done? We don't need more people who look like they were on Mad TV.

Red said:

God. Shatner is the best.

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