Ladyblogging Link Love, 4/9/2010

Posted at 8:00 AM Apr 09, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Good morning, Dolls! Another week of ladyblogging comes to a close. But, because you are busy Dolls, there may be some things you've missed. Here, I intend to set that right, by linking you to my favorite ladyblogging of the week. Look and learn!

  • Wingnuts keep it classy by hosting a secret, non-gay prom. [Pandagon]
  • Retrosexuals are the new metrosexuals. [Broadsheet]
  • More on how GameCrush pays girls to flirt--not to game. [Bitch]
  • Are dance-floor-makeouts boyfriend material? [CollegeCandy]
  • There is no such thing as too much cute boys with cats. [TheBerry]
  • Finally, a major for misogynist wankers: "Male Studies" [TheSexist]
  • Excusing violence and victim-blaming in Australia. [Feministe]
  • What you really mean when you call someone a slut. [Feministing]
  • Why talking about the gays in sports is important. [TigerBeatdown]
  • Is Justin Bieber hijacking gay lady style? [AfterEllen]
  • Travel back to retro creeptown with 1960's "Girl Watchers' Guide" [SocImages]


Paul said:

Man, I can't wait for Constance to get the hell out of there and on with her life. They held a secret prom that she wasn't invited to. What. The. Fuck.

scaryjoann said:

Oh christ... I saw the retrosexual thing coming a mile away. My ex was all retro happy beyond belief and a lot of it came down to him wanting desperately to be a victorian gentleman, or southern gentleman, or whatever other sort of "gentleman" had fancy, expensive ass clothes. Over the years I saw more and more people doing it, then making it a trend, then a fad. Now it's firmly in the mainstream. Great.
The thing that bothers me about the retro thing is that the vast majority of the 'styles' revolving around it (ex. steampunk) are only styles that people with plenty of money to waste can follow. I tried for a little while, but the clothes are pricey beyond reason. Not to mention I become irritable at the idea of wearing a corset and dress that takes up more space than a desk.

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