Is This For Real?: J vs B and Tori hits the road

Posted at 8:00 AM Apr 12, 2010

By Merritt Martin


OK, seriously. This Jill versus Bethenny shit on Real Housewives of New York City is getting old. Fast. It was old three episodes ago, and it's even older now that B has tried to make amends about three times...and each time Jill acts like she's not even remotely willing to listen. Apparently, Jill is angry that Bethenny wasn't around when Jill's husband Bobby had thyroid cancer and surgery for it:

This Bobby-cancer situation has bugged me for a couple of episodes. J and B had seemed so tight, I couldn't imagine that either one of them would bail on the other in such a big crisis. Then, on this week's episode--during an ambush staged by Ramona, naturally--B explained how she was on a book tour and got an e-mail from Jill that Bobby was having an unspecified "procedure." She sent flowers and then asked after him but never heard back from Jill. She assumed, because of the lack of response, it wasn't as serious as what it turned out being. She asked Jill, why, if she needed her, wouldn't Jill let her know she needed her instead of waiting for her to fail Jill's expectations. Which leads me to an issue that seems to be an increasing problem in real life:

The cryptic cry for attention via social networking.


girlshrink said:

Yay, Brig!!

I'm sure Bethenny can be difficult, but JZ seems to be relishing any reason to shun B and bring others over to her cause. Mean yentas...

SheffieldSteel said:

At least they didn't bring any contestants back just so they could get rid of them again. Hey, girl, we realised that kicking you out wasn't as much fun as telling you that you look fat in that dress, so this week we're gonna do both! Yay....

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