Hot Lady Track of the Week: Spose's "I'm Awesome"

Posted at 8:00 AM Apr 07, 2010


By Nicki Escudero

Sometimes, just when you feel so low that you can't get any lower, telling yourself that you're awesome might just get you to start believing it. 

That's got to be the philosophy of Spose, a newcomer to the rap game whose self-deprecating rhymes drive the amusing track, "I'm Awesome," and just about every other track that's currently on the guy's MySpace. It's amazing the guy doesn't even have 7,000 friends yet, considering he's signed to Universal Republic Records, also home to stars such as Amy Winehouse and Tori Amos, but you'll probably be hearing a lot more from this guy soon.

In "I'm Awesome," Spose pretty much lists all the reasons people might not think he's awesome--back zits, pot smoker, drives his mom's car--and turns the track into a giant, sarcastic, f-you to the haters who don't believe.

He shout-outs classy lady musician Taylor Swift (that's his supposed ring tone) and claims his little sister wrote the track--those may be his only real pro-lady bits in the song, but at least he's not name-calling women. And, to further show his sensitive side, Spose says that even though he lives in Maine, he doesn't hunt, and that makes this lady very, very happy.

The cool thing about Spose and this track, sort of like Asher Roth before him, is that he's writing exactly what he wants without worrying about whether it's cool or not--thus making it that much cooler and more relatable to his listeners. Of course, lyrics about how awesome it is to meet friends online and talk to yourself on your Facebook wall are meant to be interpreted as sarcasm, but it's easy for anyone to empathize with having moments like that--and if you happen to enjoy it, you may as well claim the awesomeness of doing it.

My guess is that Spose got sick of his dead-end job serving up lobster rolls and decided to use his frustration in a positive way by creating a catchy, funny song that may be the next huge radio single. And that is very, very awesome.


ninjatard said:

That song is like 80% me! hahaha, yeah "I'm Awesome" too

NastyJake said:

He is as slef deprecating as Amy Winehouse and Tori Amos... good comparison because they make all women look awesome

A W said:

This video... I think I liked it better when Will Smith did it for "Parent's Just Don't Understand"...

AEC said:

FACT: Spose's, EP Preposterously Dank is way better than I'm Awesome every day of the week.

ashleymhm said:

listen to God Damn on his myspace or facebook
it's actually really good

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