Hey, That's My Cape!: Free Comic Book Day 2010

Posted at 10:00 AM Apr 28, 2010

By Jill Pantozzi


Nothing quite draws a crowd like the word "free," am I right? Well it just so happens that this Saturday is the King of all Freebies. I'm talking, of course, about Free Comic Book Day.

If you've never heard of FCBD, let me explain. You cannot simply walk up to the racks at your local comic shop and take home the latest issue of Superman. Well, you can. Just expect to be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law. However, you WILL be able to pick up DC Comic's FCBD offering this year, War of the Supermen #0.

See, publishers produce a special book for the occasion. Depending on the company you may get a whole issue filled with new content or a preview book with samples of several titles. Comic shops offer these to their customers absolutely FREE, and this year we've got some great stuff to look forward to.


First off, if you're completely new to comics and interested in getting started this Saturday, take a look at this fantastic Intro to Comics the FCBD people put together. It's a really great resource. There are 10 Gold Comics this year. Every shop that's participating will have these. Besides DC's War of the Supermen, Marvel Comics is offering a book where Iron Man and Thor join forces and Dark Horse reintroduces us to Doctor Solar and Magnus, while IDW Publishing gives us a little G.I. Joe action.

There are a whopping 23 Silver Comics offered this year. Silver Comics are not as likely to be available at all stores, so it's best to check before you head out. Boom! Studios is hoping to introduce readers to Mark Waid's successful Irredeemable series, Oni Press is showing us a new book called The Sixth Gun, and Bluewater Productions shows us a sneak peek of their biography series Fame: Lady Gaga.

FCBD also features tons of cool titles for younger readers. There are Shrek, Toy Story and Sonic the Hedgehog comics this year and a lot more. Actually, one of the titles aimed at youngsters is one I'm most looking forward to - the Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock flip book from Archaia Entertainment. Fraggles, how I've missed you! The other I suppose could be for young adults, but it scares the crap out of me, honestly. I still can't wait to read The Stuff of Legend: Mortal Instruments preview from Th3rd World Studios.

Many comic shops make a big deal out of FCBD with creator signings and costumed heroes to entertain the kids. (You can click here for a list of signings by state.) Get out there this Saturday and try something new. Tell 'em The Nerdy Bird sent ya!


comicshopgrl said:

FCBD is my favorite holiday. Way better than Christmas.

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