Hey, That's My Cape!: And it's stunning!

Posted at 7:30 AM Apr 21, 2010

By Jill Pantozzi


You know how the judges on Project Runway always complain about the designers' outfits being too costumey? Yeah, those are usually my favorites. My love of superheroes makes that pretty obvious. But what would Heidi, Michael or Nina say if they were actually judging superhero costumes? I'm not sure, but we now know what Mr. Tim Gunn would say.

He may get paid to be the Chief Creative Officer of Liz Claiborne (and I guess that's like, impressive or something) but besides that, I'm beginning to think Tim Gunn is just the coolest person alive. I already knew he had an incredible sense of humor, evident in his allowing Marvel Comics to immortalize him in comic form for a miniseries called Models Inc., but you can now consider it written in stone.

Watch as Alan Kistler from ComicMix talks with the famous mentor and television personality about his opinions on superhero chic - the good, the bad and the Ping.

What Tim has to say on Mr. Miracle: "I have to add that the color on that cape is ridiculously extreme and...I don't understand it."

On Black Canary: "There's a problem by definition with fishnets. The wider the weave, or the broader the weave, the more vulgar the look's going to be. Once they disappear, frankly, as a superhero I take her much, much more seriously."

On Catwoman's modern look: "Well, it's very S&M bondage looking."

On Star Sapphire: "It looks like superhero porn."

Well, I don't want to ruin it all, watch for yourself. The video may not have the same effect on those who aren't fans of both Project Runway and comic books, but I for one was highly entertained. Also worth checking out is more of Kistler and Jose Ramos' Crazy Sexy Geeks webseries, specifically the previous episode on female comic book characters.

The best part of this whole fabulous video? It's titled "Part 1." We're promised Tim's opinions on Superman, Robin, the Hulk and others in Part 2. Carry on!


Rae said:

I love Tim Gun and I love comic books (for the most part). So this was totally a win-win for me.

Kris said:

"Collar". He said the collar was extreme, in that it reaches over his head, not the fact that it was green.

Alan Kistler said:

Thanks very much for the plug, I'm glad so many have been enjoying this. Kris is correct though. It is "collar" not "color." I understand why people hear it differently though.

I hope you folks like Part 2.

John Chihak said:

Perfect. Wizard tried this a few years ago, with comic book artists who are gay and they tried the whole Queer Eye thing. I was amused by it, but I definitely respect Tim Gunn's opinion a lot more than the whole ideal Queer Eye motif. Tim has a subdued way of saying if something works or it doesn't work. He doesn't blast you with criticism or laud you with praise. He is very subdued and he gets his point across.

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