Dudes of the World: There is a feminism for you!

Posted at 1:45 PM Apr 27, 2010

By Andrea Grimes


Dudes of the World--specifically the young ones,

If you are of a mind to be heterosexually inclined, and if you are also of a mind to dismiss feminism as something only crazy batshit feminazis benefit from and partake of, you owe it to yourself to read "Feminism For Young Dudes" courtesy of The Awl.

To many ladies, and indeed to many dudes, feminism seems righteous and necessary. But also to many ladies, and indeed to many dudes, feminism seems outdated, unneeded or downright silly. To the members of this latter group, Matt Ealer directs a funny and engaging argument: feminism is for you, too. Particularly if you like the sex.

And don't we all like the sex? Writes Ealer:

Because really, for our purposes? You love feminism! You do! You think that it's great that a woman can still be a proper lady without making some bullshit feints to "chastity" and "purity" before marriage. You surely think that the (molester-enabling Nazi) Pope should stay out of your bedroom. You don't think that sex is purely for procreation. (You are in fact often scared shitless about procreation!) You're even probably pretty happy that women aren't chained to the home anymore, that they can go out and, like, make money and have lives.

Ealer goes on to say--and honestly, you should read the whole thing because it's funny and true--that a good way to start being a feminist is to stop calling girls sluts, as making this decision allows us all to consciously accept that women deserve freedoms of all kinds, including sexual freedoms.

Is there a girl you know who regularly has consensual, healthy sex with other unattached and willing participants -- with no "drama," nobody hurting anybody or "dicking anyone around"? Do you sometimes think of this girl as a "whore" or a "slut," even while thinking that the men she's sleeping with are just "getting lucky" and "hey, good for them"? You should really stop this. You should stop thinking it, and you should especially stop saying it to other people. In fact -- and this is for the white boys in the audience, mostly, but I trust you'll all get the point -- you should think about it in the same way you do "the n-word." Look at that! I can't even write it out, as I am theoretically talking about it! And this is a good thing. Mainly, what I am saying here, is that maybe one day, you will think of these words as the "w-word" and the "s-word" and you'll be uncomfortable ever using them at all. You've just got to work at it.
And because nobody, but nobody, argues with John Lennon (certainly no truly righteous dude), Ealer concludes with a link to a Lennon classic as food for thought.

But seriously, don't take it from me. Read the whole thing.

This Feminist Lady Who Totally Loves It When Dudes Do Feminist Stuff


Not Guilty said:

Oh yes, totally love.

BorgQueen said:

Yayayayayayayayay! I am totally jumping up and down with happiness after reading that article. That was awesome. I want to print that out and distribute that in all the shitty meat-market, misogynistic-douchebag-attracting bars I used to frequent when I was single.

p.s. "Fetishization of the Virgin" is my new band name.

Red said:

I especially love the bit about the "s" and "w" words. Oh, wouldn't that be lovely! To never have those words used against sexually healthy women again?!

Paul said:

Oddly enough, my experience has taught me that the girl in that situation is Poly. Good for them, use protection for fuck's sake, and have fun.

I don't think I'm a feminist, but I think it's moronic to say a person can't do X because of their gender, sexual preference, skin color, or religion. I don't know what that makes me really, but I'm fine with it.

manobon said:

Is it just me, or is theawl.com not loading? I'm pretty sure my work's internet connection is judgment free!

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