Dating advice from bathroom walls

Posted at 2:25 PM Apr 02, 2010

By Andrea Grimes


Much hoo-hah has been made recently about dating while feminist, with many, many bloggers--including the ladies here at HD--weighing in on how best to be hetero, feminist and horny. Good advice and forward-thinking, the lot of it, but what of the masses? Specifically, what of the masses who take sharpies into bathrooms and scribble on the walls?

I'm currently escaping a rain shower at my favorite Austin, Texas dive--of which I am, ahemm, the Mayor--and took a trip to the ladies' room. Looking around me as I did my business, I noticed that there's an awful lot of good-ish advice written on the stalls. If you're feeling lost or troubled in your dating or sex life, I invite you to look no further than the women of the Hole in the Wall for all the wisdom you need:


Love yourself first! Then, you can respect yourself:


Being sucked, rather than stuck, is often a good way to go about things--literally or figuratively.


Respect can come from being peed on in the way you like.




Keep your priorities straight, and you'll do just fine.


CTrees said:

Conversely, I've never once seen good dating advice (even humorously so) left on the wall of a men's room. I have seen some highly advanced mathematics, though. Take that as you will.

adam said:

I feel like there should be a book of bathroom advice for bathroom reading. Patent pending!

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