Chicks Aren't Funny: Oh, Ke$ha

Posted at 4:45 PM Apr 19, 2010

By Andrea Grimes


Allow me to take a break, in this edition of Chicks Aren't Funny, from deep anthropological forays into the world of female comics. Allow me to step back from thoughtful commentary about what it means to be funny and in possession of a vagina. Allow me simply to watch this video of Ke$ha on SNL last week and wonder, "Seriously?"

This girl.


I want to talk about how bad she is, and how bad this performance is, but all I can really think is that she looks like what would happen if I decided to become a pop star tomorrow and somebody gave me an SNL gig.


JenX said:

I sat through the whole thing. The most entertaining part was the alien thing. Seriously? I honestly laughed at that.

FuryOfFirestorm said:

That whole Catwoman-meets-Wonder Woman look was almost as bad as Ke$hit's singing.

adolf said:

Wait....that was real??? omg, the world is doomed.

MsCep said:

i kind of liked it... at least she sings live. and she isn't too bad of a singer.

nffcnnr said:

Please don't take Kei$ha or anything she does or says seriously. She sure doesn't.
In four years we will have forgotten her, but then she'll come out with a new album trying to reinvent herself as a guitrr grrl rockrr. Or something. Then we'll do this all over again. i look forward to your future post showing a clip of Kei$ha 2.0's collaboration with a doped-up, divorced Justin Bieber.

I'm Not The One said:

I'll give her one thing ... well, maybe two or three ... 1) She actually sounds a lot like she does on the radio. No saying that's necessarily a good thing, but it's real at least. 2) She actually sang instead of faking it like some have done in the past. 3) She actually looks sober. Every time I've seen her on tv she's got this whole drunken slut routine going that makes it seem like she doesn't even know where she is half the time.

Gilraen said:

That was bad enough i want the 4 mins of my life back.

Michelle said:

What I found especially hilarious was the only time she really 'sang' was when she was half-rapping with the headset. When she switched to the handset, it was obvious what was up. I could hear a little distortion as they switched off the headset, and lo and behold, the autotuned-within-an-inch-of-its-life part of the song comes up! She kept glancing over at the sound guys too, like she was going to rip them one. Just hilarious!

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