Ads Gone Bad: Miller skirts the issue

Posted at 1:35 PM Apr 30, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Reading Heartless Doll, or any other feminist-minded ladyblog for that matter, could give one the impression that being a lady is really hard and terrible, what with there being all that sexism, misogyny and general disdain for women that continues to run rampant through, well, everywhere. But make no mistake about it: being a woman is actually kind of awesome. For all manner of reasons, not least of which is the fact that being a woman is also being human, which is a pretty sweet deal most of the time.

Which is partly why I refuse to entertain any of the recent man-oriented advertising that seeks to denigrate men by asserting that any and all kinds of feminization is some kind of horrible punishment. Like, for example, this Miller Lite ad that portrays non-Miller Lite drinkers as skirt-wearers (and by extension, women. HORRIFIC!).

Seriously? See for yourself:

I'm not a Miller Lite drinker, but oh my, how I love a High Life, so I'm not going to shoot myself (and my liver) in the foot by boycotting the brand out of some kind of self-righteous and ineffective protest, but damn, guys, why must we hate on ladyness? Or men in skirts, for that matter? I mean, the skirt that dude is wearing in the commercial is pretty heinous, but let the man choose his beer! And his clothing.

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Kris said:

I'm far more offended at the concept that Miller Light has "taste" in any sense of the word.

Kiala said:

And then they make the lady bartender all sassy as if I am not going to notice she is BETRAYING HER GENDER.


Liz said:

Ugh, I drink Miller and I hate these commercials. This is not the only culprit, as Miller makes sure to use women in their commercials to show how awesome dudes and beer are and by contrast how silly and superficial girls are (all they wanna do is be in relationships and get married and stupid shit!). I'm confused Miller, do you want my money or is it less valuable because it has vagina attached.

NameofRain said:

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is ubiquitous. It took a very long time to educate my husband about why I am offended when he uses "girls" or "ladies" (mostly to his male friends) as an insult, and even longer to get him to stop saying it (at least around me).

bobby sneakers said:

if I gotta choose between a skirt with a solid beer and miller, I'll take the skirt. some of us are comfortable in our sexual identities...

Merritt said:

I feel certain that if any of us had been a fly on the wall in that ad meeting someone would've said, "Well, yeah, it's offensive...hmmm...what to do? Wait! I got it! We make the bartender a woman! Women won't be offended if one of theirs says the skirt line!"

Which kinda makes me nauseous. I'll be drinking light beer of another brand for a while I think.

frank said:

Lighten up, Frances.

Merritt said:

Also, I guess all the women in the bar have "manned up" since they're drinking Miller Lite and wearing pants.

Phillip said:

I am not sure you are getting the point of the ads. I think what Miller Light is trying to get at is to be man and to stop wearing skirts. What are they are trying to do is call out guys masculinity to motivate them to drink this beer. Just think about no guy like to be called a girl or have is man-hood be questioned.

Wondering said:

@ Phillip

And that's not sexist cause... why?

Drink our beer, otherwise you're like a woman! Which of course implies that being a woman is a bad thing, and that men should be worried about having their manhood questioned by which crappy beer they drink. Which is especially funny, given that Miller Lite is such watery, tasteless swill.

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