Ads gone bad: Get "Grey Charm," and match your cat!

Posted at 4:15 PM Apr 01, 2010

By Andrea Grimes


Childless by choice? Getting older? Afraid of dying alone while your cats nibble away at your fleshy bits? You can do it in style if you just buy "Grey Charm" hair color, the product of choice for old ladies who want their hair to match their fussy Persian felines! If you love Cute Boys With Cats, this advertisement is for you.

It's really the expression of the cat in this vintage hair color ad that kills me:


Did somebody just shove a thermometer up that cat's ass or something? Poor guy. But really, implying that women might want to dye their hair to match their cat is really a new height in THIS COULD BE YOUR FUTURE advertising tactics. Anyway, I have a Siamese and a Tabby, so where's my box of Stripey Splotchy Charm on Its Iams-Fuel'd Way to Diabetes?


trashME said:

Holy crap- her hair is actually the same exact shade of gray as my cat!... I'm almost tempted, really...

SJ said:

Lol! the poor cat, he probably things the flash camera has stolen his soul.

BorgQueen said:

That is the look of a cat about to lose his shit and run around the house all crazy. My cat is a gorgeous dark blueish gray color almost like this picture so I wouldn't mind too much having her color.

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