10 Spring Styles that Don't Suck Serious Sack

Posted at 5:00 AM Apr 12, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Sometimes I really wonder about the fashion advice doled out in ladymags. Suggesting 4-inch heels with a $400 price tag for summer concert-going? Advising women to keep cool in a tube dress that requires constant vigilance? But the spring season is thoroughly upon us (actually, down here in Texas, it's practically summer by now) and a game of seasonal wardrobe musical chairs is in order. I scoured the internet for 10 springy finds that are practical, affordable and that won't make people wonder if you're trying to imitate one of Carrie's less successful Sex and the City outfits.

Take note, then! Here are 10 spring styles that don't suck serious sack.

10. Mayasideas' vintage scarf tanks on Etsy - $30


This series of summery tanks is accessorized with actual vintage scarves fashioned into flowery shoulder-bunches, allowing you to indulge in the giant-flower-or-bow-or-whatever trend without being overly ostentatious, especially if paired with a dark jean. Of course, if you like ostentatious, they have that too.

9. Tie-dyed tote from NancyMyoder on Etsy - $15

I don't suggest wearing this tote like this mannequin is--obviously the lower coverage is a little lacking--but it's a unique option for your spring-and-summer hauling around of beach gear, booze and snackage. In fact, it's actually meant to be a green-friendly grocery tote, so its reinforced handles and big, big size make it ideal for shopping or sunning.

8. DarkCycleClothing's giraffe on a bike tank from Etsy - $18


The sheer softness and absurdity of this tank--it's a screen-printed American Apparel top--makes it a super-fun option for your seasonal concert-going. Dark enough to handle a fair bit of spilled beer and silly enough to be a sweet conversation-starter if you're planning on pulling a boy or two ... I mean, come on people, it's a giraffe on a bike! Jesus. Like I even have to sell this one to you.

7. Torrid's orange-and-black floral tube dress - $58


Pairing a girlie floral with SRS BOOTS is maybe my favorite trend of the last few years, and this orange and black tube dress from Torrid is ideal for the style, whether you want to add cowboy or combat footwear. The singular shoulder's very sexy, and I would even forgive you if you paired this with a sweet pair of wedges or gladiators in lieu of boots.
6. Purple pleated shorts from Urban Outfitters - $38


Here is why I am telling you to buy a $38 pair of purple shorts, because you can make your own cut-off denim jorts for little-to-nothing by cutting up an old pair of jeans or scoring a new-old pair at Goodwill. And your denim jorts can be your go-to hot weather option. But take it from me, and believe me I've tried, you cannot wear jorts all the time. Investing in these soft, silly shorts will give you a classier warm weather option, and also make you feel like a figure skater or roller girl or something. I suggest espadrilles.


Bmanda said:

I was just telling everyone I know about how I am [this close] to getting a romper. It is done...

memandy said:

I had a dream last night that I bought a romper and that I looked really good in it. But that's all it was....a dream.

SJ said:

Rompers are awful, they make your butt look twice as big.

Andrea said:

As I have no butt, that is probably why I like them so much.

Adri said:

Good gods those are some hideous clothes...

spunflux said:

Love it. Giraffes are the best, and now that I've discovered the magic and comfort of convertible bras, so are racerback tanks.

Tiny dresses and srs boots will always look great.

cam said:

You can't go wrong with slutty stuff = http://bit.ly/aHpIeM

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