This Week in Girl Geek: Zoe Saldana Says Stupid Things About Video Games

Posted at 5:00 AM Mar 12, 2010

By Kiala Kazebee

Has Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek) been hanging out with video game denouncer Miss America? Saldana told Essence magazine this week: "I think in American society, we're messing up our kids by taking away the education on awareness of sexuality and replacing it with violence, guns and video games...we're breeding little criminals."
UHURA WHY MUST YOU BETRAY ME? Look, I can kind of understand why someone who supports and values the Miss America pageant system would say something as old-fashioned and out of touch as this, but Zoe Saldana?  Is she completely unaware of her fan base?

I guess I shouldn't be surprised about this. Obviously, she is an actress and not actually Nyota Uhura, chief communications officer of the USS Enterprise- I mean, haha who would believe that? Not me! What?

Still, I find it irresponsible and just plain moronic for anyone, even someone who is paid to appeal to a geek-ish audience, to spout such ignorant drivel as this violence in video games business. Having said that, I DO think there is a definite problem with the portrayal of women in a lot of games and have written about it frequently. However, I feel like this is a reflection of a pervasive negative attitude towards women in our society, which of course infects the entertainment industry. I mean, duh.

I guess what I'm saying is I'm a bit disillusioned with Ms. Saldana's thoughtless quote, and when the next Star Trek comes out I'll be rooting for Spock to get it on with a smarty pants, sexy Romulan who knows her violence from her video games.


Seminymous Coward said:

I didn't quite follow sex education being the opposite of video games, guns, or violence, much less all three. I'm also not sure at what previous time America had better sex education. Well, at least she's consistent enough that she didn't provide voice work for the Avatar game. Wait, is consistent absurdity better?

Roger Mortis said:

Interesting, Kiala. So her (admittedly idiotic) argument is that the real problem with video games is that they're making it harder for us to educate our children about "the awareness of sexuality" (because you know, with Bratz dolls and a pole-dancing Miley Cyrus, little girls clearly need more sexuality in their lives). And you consider that to be an "old-fashioned" argument?

Mrs. Micah said:

That comes so close to something I agree with an is yet so dramatically off.

I think American culture is a bit f-d up when a huge segment of the population faints at the thought of teaching kids to use condoms while these same people are going to see the torture porn that is Passion of the Christ. And that our society gets much more up in arms about sex in general than about violence, whether in films or whatnot. Because actual real-life sex is fun (sexualization of pre-teens being a different issue IMO). Actual real-life violence...not so much.

But videogames teaching kids to be killers....I doubt it.

C'mon sexy Romulan lady!

The Admiral said:

Why can't Spock get it on with Nurse Chapel? THE WOMAN HE ADMITTED TO LOVING ON THE &*@^$#^*& ORIGINAL SERIES?!? God, that irritates me more than it should.

Kiala said:

The Admiral wins for best comment.

CharLu said:

Hi KK. You spesh. So here a tip.

Dump Milk Bag from RI and her wacked out spouse. They big boring doo doo user wanna be dump wads, riding off you fan base. They big fan of cut/paste. Get you in trouble if you don't watch. They not well, and use air brush way too much to help Mommy look her best.

Kiala said:


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