This Week in Girl Geek: Wherein Comics Alliance does my job for me

Posted at 5:00 AM Mar 05, 2010

By Kiala Kazebee

It's been "Girl Week" over at Comics Alliance for the past5 days, and I have enjoyed every single panel of it. GET IT? PANEL? Because comics are...and the panels....oh never mind. Sigh.

I'm going to be completely honest with you guys. I love comics, but sometimes I think I love the idea of comics more than the things themselves. This has everything to do with an inability to spread my geekery out over the vast plains of nerddom like a shallow layer of water in a parking lot after a light rain. Let's take a minute to celebrate and honor the beauty of that metaphor, shall we?

MOVING ON. So it should come as no surprise to you all that while the just-released Marvel comp "Girl Comics" would probably be an excellent opportunity for me to expand upon/disagree with/create an internet flame war with CA, I have neither the expertise nor the appropriate vocabulary to do such a thing. It would make me look like a total asshole, is what I'm telling you.

What I do feel qualified to say, as a comics "dabbler" or a comics "dilettante" if you will, is that you will love, love, love CA's post "ComicsAlliance Takes On: Gender-Swapped Fan-Art." Even the n00biest of comic n00bs will enjoy the shit out of this convo between CA's Laura Hudson, Chris Sims and David Uzumeri. Whether you find female versions of superheroes drawn by under-/over-sexed comics illustrators offensive or fantastic, the commentary is so funny and spot-on I can't imagine anyone coming away from this post unhappy.

An excerpt in regards to the lady version of He Man:

LH: They do say that most women wear the wrong size bra.

CS: I like how they didn't have to change He-Man's haircut at all.

LH: I don't think I'd ever really reflected on the redundancy of his name until now. Also, maybe NOT making the crotch area look like it was made out of fur would have been a better move.

CS: I just hope he fights Skeleta and Evil-Lenny. Is it wrong that I'm a little disappointed that we don't get to see what a sexy girl version of Orko would be like? I mean, purely out of academic curiosity.

LH: Is there a way to give a floating sheet an hourglass figure? I bet there is.

CS: If there is, the Internet will find it.


Angela in Ontario said:

Best line imo: CS: Sometimes I'm mystified by the fact that fish-women in comics still have mammal secondary sex characteristics, and then I think about how super-nerdy it is to be critiquing the dubious biology of gender-swapped calendar super-hero calendar girls.

I pick up #1 in the Girl comics series yesterday, and mostly enjoyed it. I'm still newish to comics, having been pulled in by the Buffy series, but I am enjoying learning.

Paul said:

I hear Evil-Lenny and all I can think of is Lemmy Kilmister

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