This Week In Girl Geek: Scott Pilgrim and the Michael Cera Question

Posted at 5:00 AM Mar 26, 2010

By Kiala Kazebee


If Zooey Deschanel is this decade's manic pixie dream girl, then Michael Cera is her male counterpart. Mention Zooey to any girl I know, and even though we might all covet her hair, the eyes begin rolling and the disgust for her stupid singing voice comes spewing forth. Mention her in hetero male company, and the butterflies and puppies and kittens alight in a riotous display of love and fluffy, fluttery excitement.

Michael Cera inspires a vaguely similar response (albeit vice versa gender-wise), but nothing has polarized the Cera feelings like the decision to cast him as Scott Pilgrim. Alison Hallett over at the Portland Mercury (a Pilgrim enthusiast, if you will) does not cotton to this "self-aware, sensitive" version of Pilgrim, and it seems to be the internet consensus that with this role, the twee Cera might have overplayed his hand.

I like Michael Cera (and so does Alison- just not as SP), even if he does play the same dude over and over again. I like Scott Pilgrim. I like the two together. However, I am totally open to someone else playing that role even though I know that is not an option at this point. My question to you Dudes and Dolls is: if we agree Michael Cera is all wrong in this role (which I do not) who would make a better Scott Pilgrim? And if any one of you say Chris Pine, I will smack you in the face with my vinyl limited edition self-titled debut Sex Bomb-omb album.

Watch the Pilgrim trailer and decide for yourselves:


Paul said:

I saw the trailer yesterday, and I laughed pretty damn hard. I don't really care about Michael Cera as an actor, so I don't have that built-in irritation. And regarding the differences between the book and the movie, let it go and enjoy the film for what it is, not what it was based on.

Brittan said:

Oh man. I'm kinda with Alison on this one.

I could see Michael Angarano in this role before Cera. Were I casting this, I would go with someone like Nicholas Hoult.

CTrees said:


Though I'm just saying that because imagining Scott Pilgrim speaking with Bale's Bat-Emphysema makes me laugh.

manobon said:

I have no idea who would be able to play SP effectively- like, a lazy asshole that's still somewhat likeable (until he grows more)?

alix said:

Nicholas Hoult is possibly way too effortlessly attractive to be Scott. They'd have to do some serious scruffing up...

40yearoldvirgin said:

"I have no idea who would be able to play SP effectively- like, a lazy asshole that's still somewhat likeable (until he grows more)?"

You mean Seth Rogan?

Kiala said:

What about Thomas Dekker if they nerded him up a bit?

DJRM said:

I had my doubts about Michael Cera being able to play Scott Pilgrim but after seeing the trailer I think he will do a good job.

If anything I think they should have made more than one movie. I think Vol. 3 Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness deserves its own entire movie. They probably could fit Vol. 1 and 2 together into a movie. I am not sure how you would organize them after that.

Karen said:

Michael Cera and Zooey Deschanel share the same movie DNA. I'm looking forward to Scott Pilgrim, and yes the trailer looks cool.

Andrea said:

UGH Michael Cera.

Nikki said:

Hey look, it's Egg--I mean Ann. I wonder if she's appearing in the Arrested Development movie...?

lewen said:

I read the article yesterday and had no opinion of Michael Cera. and then last night I watch 4 movies on netflix. 2 of them were Year One and Nick and Norah's Infinite playlist. I am now sick of Michael Cera. I don't wany to see him in any other movies.

alix said:

Dude, should've watched every Arrested Development first.

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