PSA's gone bad: Have you ever worn Arabian goggles?

Posted at 7:30 AM Mar 02, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Bonus! An awesomely disturbing illustration.

A new PSA from SexReally features dudes being sex-obsessed assholes, while their idiot girlfriends unknowingly plan babies with them because they don't know better. (Interesting, in light of this new study, which suggests young men may want babies more than young women.) Do people really think girls don't sit around and talk about sex like this? Because they need to listen to me and Susan Quesal go at it for couple hours at our local. (Of course, maybe minus the rapey part at the end. Triggerish warning.)

Shelby Knox (she of the Education) blogs about seeing the video at a sex ed event:

But when Sex Really, a project of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, showed this video, meant to engage 20 somethings, to the sex education community at Sex:Tech this weekend, many of us were open mouthed with shock. If you teach sex education on the ground for any amount of time you know one of the biggest challenges is getting young people to unlearn gender stereotypes around sex.
I'm confused because I don't know what Knox means by unlearning "gender stereotypes." Men like beer and screwing, and women like babies and cuddling. Those things are just facts.


jonathan said:

Probably only of interest to noone but Andrea (and perhaps not even you): "Phil" is DC standup John McBride, friend and formerly sketch comedy partner of current FPIA Bryson Turner. Just saying, if you wanted to give him a piece of your mind directly, you've got a 6-degrees-Kevin-Bacony connection to him.

Andrea said:

Interesting, Jon. Unfortch, "Phil" doesn't seem to be the one who wrote the PSA--it's Laura Stepp, a journalist who's been taken to task multiple times for her crappy, outdated views on sex and relationships. (Shocker!). Still, I wonder if McBride can forward the message ...

Susan said:

My problem with this is that guys are not the only ones who are assholes, and pregnancy may not even be the worst thing that could come from unprotected sex. What girl is on the phone with her BFF going, "It wouldn't be so bad if I got herpes from Phil since we're going to be together forever." Seriously.

lucida insurance said:

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