(Not-So) Hot Lady Track of the Week: Usher's "Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)"

Posted at 8:00 AM Mar 17, 2010

You can't tell what Usher's looking at behind those shades

By Nicki Escudero

I just don't understand why some guys like to be called Daddy and why some women call their significant others by that name. When is that at all appropriate? If your dad sucked to begin with, do you really want a constant reminder of a parental unit you were never fond of? And, if you actually liked your dad, it's probably best to reserve the title of Daddy for him and only him, because we all know sleeping with your dad is wrong, not to mention illegal.

Not that Usher cares. His first single off his current album, Raymond v. Raymond, is called, "Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)," and it's recently resurged on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. In the track, Usher demands his lady call him Daddy, right after she "pokes that bottom up in the air." The ultra-classy video has a dance studio full of women doing just that in front of Usher, right before he goes home to "do a lot of sexin'" with someone else.

But he admits he's a player, singing, "All my ladies say, 'Hey,'" This is to be expected from Usher, who's undoubtedly one of the biggest self-proclaimed sex symbols of R&B, and judging from songs such as "Lil' Freak," he's probably playing the field now.

He concludes the song with this gem, in which he implores the girl he's hooking up with to do her best stripper lap dance impersonation: "Poke it on out, poke it out right there, I'mma fall back, while you work that chair. Do the damn thing, let the neighbors hear." So, good news if you're looking to date him: you get to act like an exotic dancer.

Songs like this are getting so tiresome. Usher actually has a pretty singing voice, and there are so many other positive messages he could be putting out there besides selling sex. But hey, if you've got abs like him, I guess there's no other choice but to flaunt them while getting busy, eh?


Shaz said:

Why do I want to listen to a hottie sing about positive uplifting crap? I'd rather listen to Usher to get me in the mood for sex, so slutty lyrics are more than welcome lol
Although the Daddy thing does turn my stomach

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