(Not-so) Hot Lady Track of the Week: Ludacris and Nicki Minaj's "My Chick Bad"

Posted at 8:00 AM Mar 31, 2010

By Nicki Escudero
Nicki Minaj is bad, alright

Oh, how good it must feel to be Ludacris' chick.

He says his chick is bad, hood and way better than yours. After all, her body won't quit, and she knows how to ride dick and handle her liquor. All that you could ever want in a chick, right?

That's how Luda describes his gal pal in the song, "My Chick Bad," which is graced by the oh-so-classy Nicki Minaj.

While in the first verse, he commends the chick for looking so beautiful in an all-white outfit (just like milk), he then confuses listeners by saying he'd "knock a bitch out and fight, coming out swinging like Tiger Woods' wife". No worries, though--Luda's whole crew would like to bone her, so everything should be fine.

Nicki Minaj then makes some violent threats to any chick who's trying to be better than her, comparing herself to Jason and Freddy and telling chicks to hold on to their teddies. She sounds pretty scary and, just for good measure, Minaj dons some Freddy-style claws in the video to put those bitches (her word, not mine) in their places once and for all.

The rest of the video contains no surprises--it's just a lot of Ludacris sitting while females shake their booties around him. He admits he's got a couple girlfriends (maybe he should have called the song "My Chicks Bad"), so the multiple ladies featured in the clip is to be expected.

There are a couple cool things about the song--shout-outs to tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, as well as basketball player Lisa Leslie. Hey, at least if they disrespect the women they're dating or competing with, at least Luda and Nicki can respect superstar female athletes.

To finish off the wonderful track, Ludacris says he just might tip his girl since she's working it on the pole like a stripper (what kind of pole, we're not sure of). So, if you can handle being called a chick by Ludacris and know how to work a pole, you can make a few bucks by dating him.

Appropriately, the song's off his current album, Battle of the Sexes. If Ludacris keeps producing shite that degrades women, then he's sure to procure a few enemies, both male and female.


FuryOfFirestorm said:

"My Grammar Bad" would be a more appropriate title.

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