Monday morning linky love!

Posted at 8:15 AM Mar 22, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

I failed you guys. I failed you hard. Because I had such a good time drinking and schmoozing at the Village Voice SXSW party on Friday, I neglected to write the blog that Village Voice pays me to write. Moreover, I neglected to post our Friday link-loving, which means you Dolls may have missed out on some of the best of the web for the week.

I will rectify this situation presently. I give you: HD's favorite ladyblogging for the past week! And a couple days. And a few hours.

  • Ke$ha's appropriation of Native American culture continues to be ignorant, lame. [Bitch]
  • Can we please stop pretending beautiful women are ugly? [Feministing]
  • Deuces out, Christiane Amanpour. [Broadsheet]
  • More on how the abortion debate is really about racism, sexism and classism, and not at all about those wee little babies. [Pandagon]
  • If ladies Vajazzle, what do men do ... down there? [Sexist]
  • Hilarious! A remote control that lets you put your lady on mute and switch off her PMS. [Feministe]
  • The SATC2 publicity storm has begun a-brewing. [SheChive]
  • Prom's ugliest dresses for 2010. Plaid! [CollegeCandy]


Sandra said:

Vajazzle...I'm at a loss for words

(also thought you might like to know that the link to the Feministe article is incorrect)

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