Hey, That's My Cape!: Batgirl vs. Supergirl

Posted at 11:00 AM Mar 17, 2010

By Jill Pantozzi


In honor of DC Comics' 75th anniversary this year, Entertainment Weekly decided they were going to end the age-old debate about who was better, Batman or Superman. While there really is no need to pose that question in the first place (Batman is superior to all), they took it deeper than just who would win in a fight. Who's more popular? Who's got the cooler costume? They don't actually give an answer but either way, it really has become an overused debate. So, what about their lady counterparts?

Batgirl and Supergirl are two of the most popular superheroines out there, but they get far less coverage than their muscle-bound mentors. Maybe it's because there have been too many versions of them. Betty Kane, Barbara Gordon, Helena Bertinelli, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown have all been Batgirl. Supergirl is far more confusing, having had not only Superman's relatives, but protoplasmic life forms and genetically engineered humans act under the title. Kara Zor-El, Matrix, Linda Danvers and Cir-El are all considered Supergirl. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. For the sake of argument let's keep it to the basics: (pre-Oracle) Barbara Gordon versus Kara Zor-El, who's better?


The facts: Batgirl is human, that means no superpowers at all. Supergirl is Kryptonian and has flight, heat vision, super hearing, strength, speed, stamina, etc. Batgirl was trained mostly by Batman and utilizes similar bat-weaponry, has a genius-level intellect and photographic memory. Supergirl was guided by Superman but also spent time training in hand-to-hand combat with the Amazons and comes with a normal teenage brain. They've both been in terribly unsuccessful films yet are depicted in equally adorable Barbie dolls. It's a tough call.

What do you think, guys and Dolls? Who'd win in a fight and who's more popular with fans? I certainly love Batgirl, but Supergirl takes this one for me easily. Batgirl, while a great character, was never depicted as having Batman's unique skill set. She's got a happy-go-lucky mindset and isn't known for being prepared for every eventuality like the Dark Knight. Supergirl, on the other hand, has those alien powers and doesn't hold back with them in a fight. Even with kryptonite, I can't see Batgirl ever getting the upper hand on her. Plus, the movie may have been bizarre, but Helen Slater WAS Supergirl. Can't say the same for Alicia Silverstone...


sector2813 said:

Supergirl is the best

jseas said:

Ahh...redheads over blondes. Go Batgirl! :)

MaGnUs said:

Who's more powerful? Obviously Supergirl, and Batgirl (classic Babs before being Oracle) is not Batman, so she wouldn't get an uper hand over any incarnation of Supergirl.

Who's hotter? Babs, obviously, as Jseas says, redheads win.

Who's the most interesting character? Babs; Supergirl is nothing more but a female version of Superman, while Batgirl is a female associate of Batman, with her own personality and character features.

James said:

Eyah... Supergirl. No contest. Barbara was great, but Supergirl would destroy her without blinking.

Alexander Adrock said:

Supergirl is superior to Batgirl based on the quality of her stories but Oracle is superior to both based on her brain and ability to monitor an entire city at once (See Batman: War Games)

A Boy Named Art said:

Gotta go with Kara ... unless we're talking Jeopardy, in which case photographic memory ftw!

Anonymous said:

As much as I love Supergirl, one has to wonder about how much common sense someone who flies around in a skirt has. Or maybe she's just an exhibitionist? Either way, I think the Batman Rule also applies to Barbara Gordon so she's my pick. (the rule where if Batman has enough time to prepare he can win any fight)

RebekahDay said:

Well Topless Robot had the 20 Nerd Commandments and #7 states that Batman wins everything. I would assume that the same rules applies to Batgirl also with Kryptonite in addition to Batweaponry - Supergirl doesn't stand a chance.

arkzist said:

well you forget the mentor... you see batgirl will just go hey bruce i need to take out supergirl... so batman will hand her kryptonite, and give her a advice, super man would just tell kara yeah dont take on a member of the bat family you'll only lose

Todd Michael Greene said:


BatVader said:

Batgirl. that is all.

TJ Theraiult said:

ANY Batgirl could beat ANY supergirl. Babs Gordon vs. Linda Lee? No contest. The ultimate fight, though, would be Cassandra Cain vs. Kara. An assassin's daughter against a girl that was trained by Wonder Woman and the Amazons. That one would be tough to call...

Darthmolen said:

What arkzist said... Kryptonite #FTW... and since Supergirl has the mentality of a teenager she would be, "Like, that is, Like, sooo unfair.." Before she keels over.

Kal-El said:

Even though Kara may have a teenagers mind, it's the mind of a Kryptonian teenager. Far superior to a mere human mind. Hands down Kara and Kal-El beat the bat brains. No contest!

Mike Brown said:

Not to take this too seriously, but I would make the point that Barbara Gordon Batgirl showed a lot of character under adversity. Perhaps her character was able to develop in a way that they never quite let any of the Supergirls develop. But I would say that the key difference between SG and BG is that SG is powerful and wise in matters of justice and that BG is a genius and wise. Also, Barbara Gordon's relationship with Jim Gordon is one of my favorites in comics. Anyway, Batgirl all the way.

Bobbyskizza said:

Both characters have a lot going for them but Babs runs the Bird of Prey and is Oracle. However whats interesting is both have suffered simialr fates to their male counterparts but the reprucutions were more permanent. Superman died and came back to life within a very short space of time, the original Supergirl died and it took 20(?) years for her to come back to life. Batman broke his back and a year later he's up and around again, Batgirl is shot in the spine and she's still in the wheelchair. That said I wouldn't want Babs to go back to the streets i love her as Oracle.

Velsharoon said:

Supergirl. Blonde always, always, wins. ;) (never got the thing about redheads anyway)

In a fight between them it would probably be a win for Batgirl, since she is a lot smarter (way to go, cliché-wise, btw) and would outsmart Supergirl anytime for sure. So there's only a chance for a Supergirl victory, if she got the element of surprise. But I guess that's not really the point. ^^ Short skirt, blonde hair, Supergirl win. End of story.

I liked the animated version best, outfit-wise.

Karen said:

They should make a movie about this. I'm more of a Superman fan but I think Batgirl might win this battle. Superman would beat Batman though.

And here's why... Kara Zor-El thinks too much like an alien while Clark Kent has worked at a newspaper for years observing human behavior. Batgirl could trick Kara, but Clark Kent only pretends to be the fumbling reporter. Batman doesn't stand a chance.

Good debate!

David said:

Barbara....Brain over Brawn. Even Batman can defeat Superman with a Kryptonite Bullet. Batgirl is can easily outsmart Kara. Yea, Kara has superman's powers but she's a teenage girl who is an emotional wreck. Babs keeps a level-head. If it was PowerGirl, Babs is doomed

Stephane said:

Batgirl will find a way to outsmart Supergirl. Nothing wrong with Supergirl, she is awesome, but going against anyone in the Bat family is a garanteed loss.

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