#HCR, abortion and right-wingers with deadly agendas

Posted at 8:50 AM Mar 25, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

I don't want to get your Thursday morning off to a grumpy start, but this shit that is going on with anti-choice conservatives threatening the House Dems who voted for health care reform cannot go unacknowledged, even on our silly little poppy-culturey blog that only occasionally gets outraged about what-have-you. 

And thus I ask: what is it about being "pro-life" that makes the crazies want to inflict bodily harm on--and occasionally kill--other human beings?

The nature of the acts and threats made by anti-HCR folks (egged on, anyone with a brain could see, by a GOP leadership which so clearly loves democracy, because democracy is about violence, not political representation and voting and all that bullshit) have varied, but it's pretty clear: fucking with people who disagree with you is what you have to do when they outnumber you in a democracy; otherwise, the majority of non-crazies gets its way, and then the country goes to shit.

Jill over at Feministe has one of the scariest--and perhaps most realistic--observations yet made, on why it is so important to keep abortion legal and accessible in this country, illustrating that those who believe abortion should be illegal are more concerned with religious zealotry and hate than with the quality of life of human beings, anywhere. She quotes David at FDL, and goes on to say:

... will the anti-choice lawmakers who are receiving these threats put two and two together and realize that what they're now experiencing is just a fraction of what women who terminate pregnancies and doctors who provide abortions face? That women who enter abortion clinics are faced with screaming throngs of people, with threats, and sometimes with violence?
Any lawmakers who are surprised that anti-choice nutbags would threaten violence and harm to pro-choicers must not have picked up a newspaper, looked at the television or logged on to the internet. Ever. Clearly this brand of anti-choicers is about vigilante "justice." Imagine if abortion did become illegal--one can also imagine that dedicated doctors, feminists and others would probably organize to provide legal out-of-country or illegal in-country procedures. One can then imagine some kind of minutemen-type militia of self-appointed abortion police seeking these people out and doing who-knows-what kind of violence to them. If we want law to remain law, and that law to be enforced by those qualified and educated to do so, abortion has to be remain legal.


nffcnnr said:

To put it simply: Violence is how ignorant people resolve conflict.

Nicki E. said:

If abortion were made illegal here, the country would be chaotic. That's a ridiculous possibility, seriously, and people in government need to practice separation of religion and politics.

Aaron said:

This article is filled with rhetoric, which, if turned on itself, would be more affective against someone who could be called "anti-life." That being said, you use a slippery slope argument, which is a fallacy.

Now, I agree that abortion should remain legal, but not for the reasons you put forth. Vigilante doctors? I think not. I can almost guarantee you that there would be no vigilante doctors... but rather back-alley doctors which would tear up women's insides, rendering them at the very least infertile. This is the way it was when abortion was illegal and would definitely happen if it became illegal again.

Also, concluding that those who are pro-life are violent rightwingers driven by religious agenda? Give me a fucking break. They have a pretty serious secular argument, and if you can't see that then you're just as close minded as your hypothetical radicals.


Andrea said:

Aaron - I'm pretty clear in this article not to characterize all anti-choice individuals as violent or driven by a religious agenda. Which is why I speak of "anti-choice nutbags" as opposed to regular ole' anti-choicers. Further, it's pretty clear to me that since actual violence is being currently perpetrated against pro-choice people by anti-choice people, it's hardly a slippery slope to say that that violence might in the future either continue or increase.

Additionally, there is potentially a significant difference between what the situation would be like today if abortion became illegal, vs. what it was like before when abortion had ALWAYS been illegal. I don't think it's unreasonable to believe that the U.S. would have what many countries where abortion is illegal have--activists and doctors who provide illegal, yet safe, access to abortion. Having the right to abortion taken away when we once had it is very different from never having had that right in the first place. Yes, there would be back-alley doctors. But there would be good ones, too.

Further, I see no secular argument for making it illegal for women to choose when, where and how they have babies.

Spark. said:

I'm about to rip people apart over the crap that's being pulled right now. Especially the "viagra for rapists" thing. I would respect babies stomping and wailing better than I do the GOP representatives right now and I FREAKIN HATE BABIES.

Caitlin said:

I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that there would be a vigilante doctor's movement (of proper trained doctors not back alley hacks) who would seek to continue to perform abortions for people who need them.

It's happened before, the example that comes to mind is Henry Morgentaler who ran illegal abortion clinics in Montreal and Toronto from the 1960s up until abortion was legalized in Canada and had death threats thrown at him regularly. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Morgentaler)

Making abortion illegal would also increase the number of desperate women who would seek back alley solutions. Abortion is legal now and you still get news stories like that of the teen who asked someone to beat her in hopes of causing a miscarriage.

Legal abortion is good. Safe, legal abortion clinics without the harassment and shaming of women would be better.

mike said:

What is it about abortion advocates that make THEM want to kill unborn babies?

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