Chicks Aren't Funny: Who do you want to see Betty White do on 'SNL'?

Posted at 4:20 PM Mar 15, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

‚ÄčLike it or not--and for a good many reasons, I do not--Betty White is officially hosting the sinking ship that is SNL on May 8. There has been some requisite hand-wringing about her age (88) and whether she'll be able to keep up with the grueling rehearsal schedule. Because, you know, people get to be 88 and incredibly spry because they are both delicate and lazy.

But since we've got the wonderfulness that is Betty, even in this problematic form, I invite Dolls to speculate: who do you want to see Betty impersonate on SNL?

Here's the dish from the NYT:

Though a popular Facebook campaign helped
build Ms. White's cause, Lorne Michaels, the "SNL" creator and executive
producer, said Thursday that the grass-roots movement wasn't the sole
reason for the booking. "The depth of feeling for her at the show and
particularly among the women who are coming back was very deep," Mr.
Michaels said in a telephone interview. He added that he had concerns
given the show's "grueling" schedule, and as a solution invited the
former "SNL" performers Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch,
Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon to appear, too.

And, for you lazy linkers, here's why I'm kind of pissed about the episode, from an earlier post:

Creating a "women of comedy" special event puts an incredible burden on
those specific female comedians to perform at a specific moment, and if
that moment doesn't have every single viewer--most importantly, every
single male viewer--rolling on the floor with laughter, it will turn
into a statement of proof about how chicks aren't funny. Nevermind the
fact of the existence of  thousands of male comics who suck mightily and
often. It may be couched in terms of honor and respect, but singling
out a few women for a ladies' night of comedy is ghettoization, not

I think the first rule of Betty White on SNL should be that Betty White is not allowed to play any old ladies. I want to see Betty White as Megan Fox. I want to see Betty White as Sawyer from Lost. Hell, I want to see Betty White as Jeff Bridges. Something tells me White might also do an awesome Conan. Surely someone at SNL has some stilts in the costume room.

The one exception to the old lady rule: I will accept Betty White playing another Golden Girl--Rue, maybe?--if they're going to do a GG spoof skit, which I can't imagine they won't do if they're going to have all Fey, Poehler, Rudolph, Dratch and the gang come back on for the show.

Dolls, who do you want to see White send up on the show?


Jill aka The Nerdy Bird said:

By "do" you mean "have sex with" right? Lorne Michaels.

Paul said:

I don't care if she'd be playing an older woman: Barbara Bush in a facsimile of Pink Flamingos.

The Admiral said:

I want to see a Golden Girls sketch where she plays all four women. Dorothy/Bea Arthur, especially. Of course St. Betty the White is probably getting a little weary of the Girls.

I don't watch SNL though (the few times I've seen it I wasn't amused) so I guess I don't really have a horse in this particular race.

Anonymous said:

I honestly don't think it matters all that much, if Tina Fey is involved it will be excellent, her run as head writer was the best run of the show ever.

Diane said:

Sarah.L is a good female comedian/musician/writer. She's fairly new, but does things in her own style. She is british. Saw her perform at an indoor arena. She does parodies of old and current songs. Get her to sing a Britney Spears or Lady Gaga song, and..

Diane said:

...and she gets the voice impressions spot on. She can dance pretty well too. I don't believe she is famous. I think she is quite new to the comedy circuit. Her e-mail is:, i asked her for it.

Diane said:

...and she gets the voice impressions spot on. She can dance pretty well too. I don't believe she is famous. I think she is quite new to the comedy circuit. Her e-mail is:, i asked her for it.

Claire said:

This topic is sexist and annoying. Nobody should be in a position to say what women can and can't do. Would anyone laugh if i asked something like "Why are Jelly Babies always coated in flour?". It's up to the audience. They don't care for gender-type.

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