Chicks Aren't Funny: Amy Poehler goes wild, Wiig goes V

Posted at 11:00 AM Mar 08, 2010

By Andrea Grimes


SPRING BREAK! Time to whip out your tits, patronize an underprivileged country by purchasing large amounts of tequila and watch an Amy Poehler spoof about spring break culture. Load up your suit with sand and get ready to be titillated! And by "titillated," I mean "a little confused about what Poehler is doing with this thing." Via Bitch mag, here's the trailer for Wild Girls Gone, a film that will be released on ... iTunes. Hmm. Anyway, here you go:

So, you know, that's going to happen. I get a strong whiff of lameness wafting up from my screen, but I guess an hour or two of ass jokes has potential. Personally, I'd be more pumped if they just did an hour-long Parks and Rec spring break spoof. Maybe they could go on a wacky vacay with 30 Rock!

In more SNL ladynews, Kristen Wiig is rocking some Frida Kahlo impersonating (along with Bridgitte Bardot and Carmen Miranda) in the latest issue of V.


Beth said:

I think you are missing the point. It's produced by Upright
Citizen's Brigade, of which Amy Poehler is/was a part. Their sketch and improv comedy style is EXACTLY like what is being shown here. And BTW, what's the problem with it being released on iTunes? Is it any less worthy just becasue it doesn't have some distribution deal to be put out on thousands of DVD's that no one will ever buy? At least this way, the outlay cost is less. Maybe you should stop trying to be so elitist and allow yourself to laugh at ass-humor once in a while.

SheffieldSteel said:

Wait a minute. Somebody put up the money to make this film?

Perhaps the recession is over.

Merritt said:

Wait! I watched this on cable, possibly on Lifetime. It definitely had it's moments...and Amy Poehler in cornrows looks hysterical.

almost30 said:

Good grief, Beth? Are you Amy's mom or something? Andrea said, " hour or two of ass jokes has potential." There you go. Not elitist.

Bmanda said:

I actually enjoyed this flick as well. It was nice to see a cast of smart ladies not just showing me their shelves and being void of thought.

she-male said:

I too found the tone of this article a wee bit condescending and a tad under-researched, even though I thought the poster's use of "elitist" was off-target. This is classic UCB humour.

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