Chicks Aren't Funny: What's wrong with saving the titties?

Posted at 10:30 AM Mar 22, 2010

By Andrea Grimes


Breast cancer awareness is always great, right? Who doesn't believe that encouraging people to think about and donate to this great cause is admirable in all forms? Well, feminists, for one. Specifically, feminists have a problem with the sexualization of breast cancer--the "save the titties" version of cancer awareness that reduces women to sexual organs who must be saved for their aesthetic value rather than viewing them as whole humans.

Which is why, when I was alerted to the existence of the "Generosititties" comedy show in New York City, I was less than enthused. Way, way less than enthused.

Here's a Generosititties promo bit:

Sure. Whatever gets people through the door. But wouldn't it be more interesting if what got people through the door was hilarious women telling great jokes for a great cause, not hilarious women taking their tops off as a publicity stunt? You can't even argue that the end result is the same--that it's all just raising money and awareness, so no panty-wadding allowed. Because the end result of the topless show is that women can, will and should take their tops off if they really want someone (men) to listen to them. And that's detrimental to all women, everywhere.


Merritt said:

THANK YOU! I have felt this way for a long time, but was also torn because of the fund-raising for a good cause.

Part of me thinks that in some ways, women are trying to "take back the titties," if you will, but the other part feels like it's making something serious too sexy.

And from those I've known with breast cancer (five friends and relatives), humor is something they value a great deal, but their femininity and sexiness is something they're largely sensitive about at some point during treatment.

Allegra said:

This is true. You don't exactly see guys getting their balls out for testicular cancer awareness, do you?

lewen said:

I'm less offended b/c I associate 'titties' with what little girls call thier chest area.

And more offended by the use of the more brusque "tits" with objectification of the breast.

Susan said:

Call me a bad feminist, but I would totally go to a "Balls OUT!" show for testicular awareness. It would be like a circus sideshow, only more disturbing.

yourenothelping said:


as a (3rd wave?) feminist, I'm offended by your reference to male organs as "disturbing" and "a circus sideshow". man bashing is what gives us women on the front lines of equal rights a bad name. equal means equal, and i feel compelled to speak up against this as much as against when men refer to female body parts and secondary sex characteristics with less than flattering euphemisms.

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