Ads gone bad: Why are tampon ads so ridiculous? Indeed.

Posted at 3:00 PM Mar 16, 2010

By Andrea Grimes


With less complicated special-effects technology and, sadly, a whole lot less Isaiah Mustafa, Kotex appears to be prepared to release their own self-deprecating version of the Old Spice "I'm On A Horse" ad. Instead of blue liquid and beach-dancing and flowers and white pants, Kotex is going the satirical route of simply calling out everything everyone has thought was stupid about feminine hygiene product marketing. So far, the folks behind Kotex U have uploaded six commercials and spots (HAHAHAHA) to YouTube, generally demystifying menstruation and, additionally, mocking said mystification.

Bonus: one commercial even features Zelda. Yes, that Zelda.

There appear to actually be six videos, including the one above, which rather honestly address the incredibly stupid things people believe about periods. (Puts one in mind of the Sexist video interviews with men about birth control.) They all take a pseudo-candid approach and appear to feature actual people (this I need more information on!). One's a cute guy in a store asking for advice on what to buy his girlfriend, another is a set of gym job interviews wherein men purport to be able to tell when a lady is menstruating (the women don't), and my favorite, there's the Rorshach test wherein men can't recognize what is pretty clearly a vagina.

And then, there's Zelda! As in, Legend Of.


Jess said:

These are awesome! I'll have to look up this brand in the stores and see what they're like...

Nancy said:

When I saw this commercial last night I just about fell out of my chair laughing!!! This is one of the best "sales tactics" I have seen in ages. I don't fit the "targeted age demographic" but I can't wait to see more of these commercials. I love to see a company laugh at itself... and it was ABOUT TIME tampon commercials GOT REAL. Thanks Kotex!

Working Rachel said:

The ads are great, but it looks like they use ridiculous amounts of packaging. It looks like they are individually wrapped in hard plastic AND have more plastic on the applicator than most tampons.

Pyrotechnocracy said:

These are cute, yes. The commercial - perfect!

Still, I have to agree that there is still needless packaging (however adorable). I've ordered a sample from their online site, but it's going to be a challenge to get me away from OB.

Thanks for the tip, nonetheless. :)

Mariah said:

I loved this commercial.... "Oh so that is what is suppose to happen!" I have to look these up!

Danni said:

Come on! I love these commercials! My sister and I fell out of our chairs laughing at the one with the cat. It was HILARIOUS. "That's what's supposed to happen."

Colleen C said:

OMG....almost pissed my pants when I saw this commercial...just helping to send it VIRAL!!! on my FB.... Finally someone GETS IT!!! stupid commercials...
The ads were really helpful.....with that blue liquid...THATS WHATS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!??!!!!!

Annie said:

The awesome thing about these tampons and pads is that they actually work really, really well. Theyre the best I've tried in my 12 years of being on a cycle O_O

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