This Week in Girl Geek: Miss America hates video games, reading, fun

Posted at 5:00 AM Feb 05, 2010

By Kiala Kazebee

'Murka crowned it's 89th Miss America this past Saturday and she had some choice words to say to the peoples of our great nation. With considerable emotion and fervor she pleaded with parents to "take away the video games, set some standards for our children!" going on to lament the old timey 1990's when kids were "playing imaginary games with sticks in the street like I did when I was little." Huhwhanow?

Now, my memory may be a bit fuzzy (what with the 90's being all of 10 years ago) but I'm pretty sure television had been invented, along with such wond'rous advancements as the combustible engine and indoor plumbing. So, it strikes me as rather odd that Miss America would pine after her days playing kick the can on the cobblestones next to Old Man O'Malley's Fruit Stand and Mr. Adelson's Livestock and Livery Stables or whatever. She is 22, for goodness sake. She was born in 1988 and presumably lived in a home with electricity, running water and other modern day conveniences...LIKE A FUCKING NINTENDO.

I guess what truly galls me about this, other than the strange stick-wielding imaginary land she comes from, is that she is preaching to the choir about the dangers of viddyo gamez as if these things are on par with sexting or Glenn Beck. She's also insinuating video games are responsible for childhood obesity. Is she kidding? Are all indoor activities to be shunned now? How about Connect Four and Erector Sets, should these too be banned? And while we're at it, how about we burn some books? Think of all that precious stick time kids are missing out on by READING. It's a damn shame.

I am pro kids getting lots of exercise. I don't think I need explain why to you, Dolls. We all know the psychological, physical and social benefits to exercise and sunshine, but there is so much to be said for fostering and improving mental acuity via hand/eye coordination, puzzle games and everything else that goes along with gaming. Should parents choose what games and for how long the kids play? Probably, yes. This is why games have a rating system and also why children have parents. But take away video games altogether? If Miss America thinks this will somehow magically fix "fat" kids who really just need better parenting, then she is sadly mistaken.

[Ed. note: hopefully Miss A doesn't hate all technology, because if so, she might not want to win a vibrator from HD and Eden Fantasys. And that would be sad. But you can still win! Yes, you can! Tell us your best (worst!) sex toy story and the OhMiBod could be yours.]


Marina said:

So. Pageant Queen, dissing a geeky(ish)activity. Maybe that was her entry for the stereotype category.

Antique Zombie said:

This is why they don't have an IQ portion of the show. I think 90% of them would fail, and at least 3% of them would be asking stupid questions throughout the whole test, driving everyone crazy.

Lauren said:

You're darn tootin' there's much to be said about all that you said what you said about the mental acuity and hand eye co-ordination thing. The kids on my street play "stick ball" on their skate boards WHILE gaming.

It's a sight to behold.

comicshopgrl said:

I played games with sticks when I was a kid. Joysticks. =P

gizella said:

to be the dissenter, sort of, its a sad thing to see very young kids totally ignoring the world while playing with their handhelds. I know that kids experience today is going to be different than ours, and I fully expect my two year old to be playing video games, wow, probably later this year but there is something to be said for less screen time. For everyone. Me too. I read a study that said the more natural light kids are exposed to early on, the better their eyesight. Which is probably why I wear the big glasses.

I don't know about sticks though. Those sound dangerous.

Andrea said:

I definitely see what you're saying, gizella--I think getting out in the yard, park, etc. is a really important part of being a kid (or, heck, an adult). But video games are pretty cool, and as long as they're thoughtfully time-regulated by parents, I don't see the harm at all.

That said, it's sunny and 65 here in Austin, so I'm porch-out, y'all.

e.b. said:

The thing I hate about this type of comment is that it reinforces the myth that fat people need to just stop sitting around so much to lose weight. There were fat people before there were video games. There were chunky kids back in her precious stick days too.

And I do feel that kids shouldn't spend too much time sitting around inside but I dont' think it's because video games exist. Parents need to be more firm about play times and whatnot.

LeeboZeebo said:

Playing with sticks in the street? Sounds like some LARPing to me.

Rachel C. said:

parents also need to stop being so gall darn scared and let their kids play outside. i have co workers that are convinced that theres a serial-ax-raping-pedophile mere blocks away from their kids.

Kiala said:

YOU GUYS. The kids next door to our house were OUTSIDE playing with...wait for it...STICKS.

I don't know what to believe anymore.

Lshygirl5 said:

Wow, Miss America is the same age as me and pretending she lived in a world where she played with sticks? I know I had Sega and would play Sonic for hours. Also, pretty sure outdoor toys had been invented back in the 90s when me and Miss America were kids (it was like yesterday, we are still really young)

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