This Week in Girl Geek: Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock Supersize Comic Con (GROAN)

Posted at 5:00 AM Feb 19, 2010

By Kiala Kazebee

E Online reported this nerd newsgasm yesterday:

"I just got word that the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator is developing a documentary feature about Comic-Con that will be centered on a still-to-be-cast group of convention-going superfans...Whedon is teaming up with award-winning Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock, according to a source."

Excuse me for a moment....SQUEEEEEEEEEE!

What I mean by "squeeeeeeee" is this could be really, really good. I like Morgan Spurlock because I am a middle-class Caucasian urban modern person living in Portland, Ore. and, let's face it--I am kind of his bread and butter. I'm not saying he doesn't have appeal or relevance to all cultures (he proved this over and over again with his FX reality series 30 Days), I only mean his audience tends towards the middle- to upper-middle-class left leaning, socially "aware" (whatever that truly means) crowd. ANYWAY, we can argue about that in the comments section.

The point is, Spurlock has an engaging, politically liberal documentary directorial style and Joss is well-known (and oft-criticized) for his particular brand of feminism. And they both possess a real knowledge and genuine affection for all things nerdy. I wonder how they'll handle the booth babe issue? I get this feeling Spurlock will see it for what it is (horrible for women) and Joss will have a more esoteric take on the painted ladies of the Con.

And really, what I am trying to get at with this post is I should be cast in this movie because I a shiny feminist nerd who dabbles in veganism and geekery with enthusiasm, wit and foot-in-mouth disease. I just copy and pasted that sentence into the subject line of my email to Joss' assistant. What.

So who do you guys think should be cast in this Spurlockumentary (TM)? Which aspects of nerd culture would you like to see represented? Is there any chance you could begin a letter writing campaign to get me in this movie? Do you love me? WHY NOT? Etc...

Comments please!


Jennykay said:

I kinda want to have Joss babies. Lots and lots of nerdy, awesome Joss babies. And I am so on the letter campaign to get you there!! (If you take me with you, that is!)

Dominique said:

I would like to see some women in that doc for sure. I saw a twitter comment the other day that the amount of women at a convention was "surprising" so it would be nice to get rid of the idea that women can't be part of nerd culture once and for all. I'd definitely write a letter on your behalf.

Otherwise, it would be fun to keep the archtypes:

Fat dudes who live with their parents
Chicks who perhaps shouldn't be wearing that tummy-showing supergirl costume
Pre-pubescent appearing boys
and maybe one or two business people who keep armor under their suits, in case, ya know, the horsemen arrive.

I interviewed Spurlock for the newspaper in college and aside from being a great film maker with brilliant ideas, he's pretty cool so I have high hopes knowing he and Whedon are taking on this project.

Good luck getting on camera. You got my vote.

BorgQueen said:

Agreed! This can do nothing but kick some major ass. I look forward to a factual, interesting documentary about..... oh hell, who am I kidding, I will be going to SDCC to throw myself at Joss & Morgan's feet and beg them to be in their movie!

For real, though, I think they are the perfect people for this, meaning we won't just be getting "stereotypical" nerds and underhanded comments about the people they are supposedly trying to connect their audience with. I think it will be an honest examination of nerd culture and what goes on during one of the biggest nerd gatherings in this country.

Jill aka The Nerdy Bird said:

I would love to be cast in this, but like I said in my own blog, I don't think they'll consider me "geeky enough." And if I'M not geeky enough, YOU'RE not geeky enough either. So there.

Eddy said:

I hope it's an honest to god documentary about real fans and not necessarily some stereotypical geeked out obsessive socially challenged superfan.

No archtypes, thanks. I think geeks get enough grief and misrepresentation. Otherwise people can just watch episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

iraglasses said:

I think it will be great! I love Morgan Spurlock, haven't got to know much about Joss yet. But Ira Glass is friends with Joss Whedon and I guess Morgan too, from the looks of these pics.

Glass, and Spurlock chatting it up. If you believe the saying that you can tell everything about a person by who gives them the time of day, that's a great bunch of people working on a documentary about. . .Comic Con?


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