This Week in Girl Geek: Big Sister's, snack cakes and booze in 'Bioshock 2'

Posted at 5:00 AM Feb 12, 2010

By Kiala Kazebee

Oh ladies and dudes, I can't pretend I did anything other than play Bioshock 2 this week because that would be as disingenuous as Frank Fontaine faking his own death in order to orchestrate the rise of the proletariat and a man named Atlas. Am I right?

Because I am not technically a big shot gaming journo, I had to wait like the rest of you humans to get my Rapture on via my super-exclusive (snort) exalted Amazon Prime status. I LOVE YOU AMAZON PRIME. (Side note: I am considering ordering all household items with my Amazon Prime free shipping, one scrubby sponge at a time. I am that lazy.)

Thanks to Amazon, I received my game early on Tuesday and immediately ripped it open and shoved it into the XBox, Diet Coke in hand, ready for my return to Rapture. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Bioshock story, I direct you here, as it's a long, complex saga and absolutely worth the read whether you play games or not.)

I don't live in a cave or under a rock, so I was well aware I would be playing as a Big Daddy, which I find somewhat problematic. If you'll remember,  towards the end of the original BSho, you play inside a Big Daddy suit and it is cumbersome--the helmet obscures vision, the suit is unwieldy and the noise from stomping around is unnerving. The same holds true for the sequel, although there is a "Sportsman" gene tonic available close to the beginning which speeds up the Big Daddy pace a bit.

Honestly, the suit is the only real problem I have with the game (well, that and the Big Sister scares the living shit out of me, especially while playing at two in the morning in an empty house). Returning to the dystopian, water logged, steampunk-y world of Rapture feels so god damn good. This and Fall Out 3 are my favorite games EVAR, and they share a similar 1950's Atomic Age Communist Brave New World sepia toned moody aesthetic. Plus, creme-filled snack foods!

And finally, I love, love, love protecting the little Eleanor clones from the splicers--setting traps and incinerating the bejeezus out of the crazies and, of course, I keep choosing to save the little girls rather than harvest them for ADAM. (The same decision I made in the first game, which led to me not finishing the final level due to a serious lack of ADAM, EVE and firepower.) I don't even like kids and I keep doing the correct moral thing. I kind of want to punch myself in the hair for this.

What about you guys? Impressions, thoughts, criticisms of BSho 2? How do you feel about the new, easier hacking system? Have any of you accidentally gotten drunk on Old Tom's Whiskey? Because I have, and there is nothing funnier than seeing your own blurry, stumbling Big Daddy/Mr. Bubbles shadow on the walls of Rapture. Er ... nothing scarier, I mean. I get those two mixed up constantly in this game.


Dodger said:

I have also done nothing else this week but play Bioshock. I love the second one. Rapture is one of the most amazing worlds I've ever seen created for a video game. I was worried about Lamb not living up to the Ryan's and Fontaine's villain status from the first one, but she is crazy in her own special way. I love listening to the audio logs and learning about the war between Lamb and Ryan for the hearts and minds of the people of rapture. Their dueling ideals are a joy to listen to.

Paul said:

If you haven't played it, I'm gonna take a minute and recommend System Shock 2. It was produced by the same core team that did Bioshock and it came out around 99 or 00.

And IMO, it's much, much scarier.

Kris said:

Strange. You should have wound up with MORE firepower, EVE, and ADAM by the end of the game if not sacrificing the Little Sisters. Of course, you have to explore more and backtrack to get it in a non murderous way once you have whatever power is needed to get to it.

Unless you harvested too many and then stopped. You have to pick an extreme to get the bonuses.

Nima said:

Can't wait to play, but have to wait till the weekend, my group of friends always play these sort of games together, passing off the controller etc. WHY MUST I WAIT! well, at least Fallout Las Vegas is confirmed. *happy*

The Admiral said:

I got the collector's edition from Amazon Tuesday morning also (and I had just paid for standard shipping) but I haven't played the game yet. I just want to know this - I ABSOLUTELY HATE ESCORT/PROTECT SO-AND-SO MISSIONS. Is defending the Little Sisters really difficult? I mean, do they die, or just slow down?

Kiala said:

@the admiral

I don't like those kinds of missions either and at first I didn't want to take the little Eleanor w/ me but then I realized you just throw her on your shoulder and never notice her until you find a corpse with ADAM. Then you set her down and protect her while she gathers the juice. It's actually really fun once you get the hang of it and otherwise you totally forget you've got a little girl on your back.

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