Quick hit: Another take on the Dodge Charger ad

Posted at 9:21 AM Feb 22, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

No doubt people who were unimpressed with and offended by that incredibly stupid Dodge Charger Super Bowl ad (you know, people with brains and whatnot) will enjoy yet another spoof on its ridiculousness. Found this via Sociological Images:


Seminymous Coward said:

Well, that was closer to funny than terrible commercial or the other parody. I'm not sure I'll ever find members of either gender complaining about the entire other gender as though they spoke for their entire gender very compelling, though.

I'd much rather have watched a presentation on why women earn 80% as much for the same work and still earn more than their husbands most of the time. Higher unemployment in men, higher quality of employment for women, and different populations being sampled strike me as possibilities, but I'd like to know more.

Steinerboo said:

Seminymous Coward -"primary breadwinner in majority of households" doesn't necessarily equate to women earning more than their husbands. I'd guess the huge number of single moms account for most of this apparent discrepancy.

Just a guess.

Seminymous Coward said:


That would imply the standard for "primary breadwinner" was something like "highest earner in a household with a dependent," which I would deem rather arbitrary even though I admit it crossed my mind in pondering the issue. This implication is based on assuming the number of single males and females (with or without children) living independently to be roughly equal.

For the record, I could see "highest earner in a household" or "highest earner in a marriage" as a natural interpretation. I also think "highest earner in a state-recognized romantic relationship" and variations with "majority" in place of "highest" are reasonable.

:( I strongly dislike statistics without citations.

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