Pantylines, 2/22/10

Posted at 8:45 AM Feb 22, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

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Will winter ever go away? Not the Olympics, of course--they can go as long and hard as Apolo Ohno wants them to--but the winter that's outside. The cold part. The sad, cloudy part. We are over it. And thus, we shall distract ourselves with this over-the-weekend ladynews.

  • U.S. and Canadian women's hockey teams are so good, it's not even funny. No really, it's kind of cruel. [CNN] Personally, I'd pay for the privilege of being smeared into a cream cheese-like paste by those teams.
  • A proposed Saudi law would allow women lawyers in court. [WaPo] But only in family and child cases, because those are ladythings that only women know about. If gays are ever allowed to practice, the government will probably just put them in charge of prosecuting fashion crimes. You know, because gays like fashion.
  • Gender equality is an illusion. [WaPo] And not the fun David Blaine kind. Although sometimes being a woman is kind of like holding your breath in Times Square while people point and laugh.
  • Sarah Palin inspires conservative women. [FoxNews] For example, Ann Coulter. And probably some other people. FoxNews also kind of not clear on existence of women who are not Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter.
  • Lady Gaga's coming out (pun intended) with designer condoms. [Salon] They're remarkably tame for, you know, her style.
  • DID YOU SEE THE U.S. LADIES BEAT GREAT BRITAIN IN CURLING IT WAS AWESOME [USA Today] I'm hoping to make the 2014 team. It's my best chance for an Olympic medal, unless competitive losing-crap-in-my-massive-purse takes off.


Hannah Harper said:

Lady Gaga coming out with a condom, I can't wait to see this. lol

Catherine said:

I'd care that we got beat but I can't really be bothered with Olympics, lol. It's because I'm more of a doing than a watching person though. Well done anyway, winning is always something that feels great.
Also, Lady Gaga condoms....that'

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