Pantylines, 2/15/10

Posted at 7:15 AM Feb 15, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

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Good morning, Dolls! I've had half a cup of Earl Grey and am feeling plucky, so I thought I might try my hand at some quippy pantylines this morning. What happened in ladynews over the weekend? Read on:

  • The U.S. women's hockey team beat China 12-1. [LA Times] Nevertheless, China wins overall as millions of Americans still struggle to eat their Pei Wei with chopsticks.
  • Some Israeli Dude arrested for confining, raping a harem of 21 women. [NY Daily News] Media outlets soon to go into Defcon 5, the level at which they can barely contain their lurid joy at a story about a woman confined for sex.
  • Women often miss signs of a heart attack. [Boston Globe] Half said family caregiving responsibilities kept them from seeing a doctor. Being single on Valentine's Day now sounds kind of awesome, in the way that being alive sounds kind of awesome.
  • Emergency contraception finally being doled out at military pharmacies. [NYT] Look, just because you decided to serve your country doesn't mean it can't do its damndest to oppress you. Remember, wearing a veil is real oppression!
  • After the death of a male Olympic luger, the women's luge track is now 800 ft. shorter, and ladies are pissed. [HuffPo] Men now starting at original women's starting point, 600 ft. in. We now know that women are exactly 200 ft. less awesome than men. Thanks, Olympics!


Joe said:

Or women are 200 ft. SMARTER than men. Said one Dude Luger: "Now I can ONLY go 90mph down an icy tunnel of death? Boring!"

Also, Ladies if you want increased access to emergency contraception you can always serve your country. Also conversely, Ladies if you want increased access to even more aggressive dudes who will take advantage of you and blame you for it...your country supports you.

Elixir said:

Well, with the luge, the physics of momentum as it applies to masses in motion may have something to do with the difference between the men's and women's starting elevations. IF male "lugers" are generally greater in mass, that may give them more mass to shift in the turns, allowing manoeverability at greater speeds. I'm just guessing, but it certainly seems plausible. Differences in average mass & stature between the sexes are accounted for in other sports, so it may be a similar situation here, as opposed to gender-based villainy...

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