OhMiBod, the winner is ...

Posted at 1:43 PM Feb 16, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Over the past couple of weeks, we asked our good, giving and game readers to send us their best and worst sex toy stories, all in hopes of winning an OhMiBod vibrator courtesy of HD and badass online adult toy shop Eden Fantasys.

And submit you did! You Dolls are a wacky bunch--your kids are playing with your vibrators, airport security got handsy with your toys and one of you even taught your mom about masturbation. But one story won the majority of us Dolls' hearts with both content and style, and to that person, we award the OhMiBod vibrator.

Read her mortifying story after the jump!

Rivka had us ... rolling ... with laughter:

"Just this past Christmas, my boyfriend and I were staying over his parents house for the holidays. Such is the layout of their home that the dining room has a high ceiling, so while at the table you can look up and see the second floor hallway, or, while in the second floor hallway, you can lean against the railing and talk with the downstairs people. Did I describe that right?

Anyways, I was sitting around the table shooting the breeze with the parents; Obama this, weather that, yes the drive was nice. Boyfriend was in the upstairs bathroom, unpacking. I heard a dull thud, and then the sound of something rolling, rolling. And what do you think rolled across the bathroom tiles, out the door, into the hallway, and through the railing to land on the table directly below?

Coincidentally, since my vibrating friend's fall was broken by the dining room table, it is now broken. Could this be fate?

Rivka, allow us to replace your broken vibrator with the musically delicous OhMiBod Freestyle Vibrator! We'll be in touch to get your addy for prompt delivery.


Paul said:

Enjoy and many happy future stories with it!

Rivka said:

Oh wow, this made my night, nay, my whole valentines season! I'm so excited, thank you Dolls for the gifts of music and vibration!

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