(Not-So) Hot Lady Track of the Week: New Boyz and Ray J's "Tie Me Down"

Posted at 8:00 AM Feb 10, 2010

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Would you want to be tied to them anyway?

By Nicki Escudero

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the youngn's of hip-hop duo New Boyz have a love jam message for all the girls they might be involved with: "You ain't gon' tie me down."

That's right. Just because you may be going to all of their shows, and just because you might think you're in a relationship, that doesn't mean anything. I mean, there are hundreds of girls out there willing to give it up for the New Boyz...why would you expect anything more than a casual hook-up?

After all, these guys are in their sexual prime, making it OK to get wit' as many ladies as possible.

The chorus is delivered courtesy of the lovable Ray J, who, not surprisingly, has to resort to being on horrible reality television shows to find true love. He sings, "I think you need to close yo' mouth" to the girl who wants his commitment, making the thought of being a contestant on one of his shows a very scary thought.

That's not the only mean-spirited thing sung in the song. Rapper Ben J spits, "'Cause my life is great, and you ain't nothing but a hoe...As you know, I'm a man, and I have no feelings." Vom. What a horrible excuse for a man...and yet another reason why dating a touring musician really scares me.

I mean, I'm sure there are faithful, long-term relationship committed men in bands, but hearing songs like this scares the bejeezus out of wanting to be the S.O. of someone who's on the road all the time.

And to add one more nail to the coffin, Legacy says, "A perfect couple's only in a dream." I am seriously scared for anyone who might date one of these guys in the future.

The song is so negative toward women, it really disgusts me. I'm not a Justin Bieber fan, but at least he's a teenager who sings kind lyrics to gals. Maybe the New Boyz and Ray J will wake up some time and figure out that ditties like "Tie Me Down" won't get you anywhere with the ladies.


LeeboZeebo said:

Unfortunately, lyrics like that will get the New Boyz exactly what they think they want: Meaningless, no-strings-attached sex from women with low self esteems who they can then chauvinistically put down in order to get praise from their male peers. Music like this just perpetuates stereotypes. It is "teh lose." It's annoying to see them gain popularity, and just as annoying to see women reward the negative behavior by sleeping with them.

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